Xining East 2014 year battle gun control
on March 31, 2017

In March 4th, Xining East District held "the comprehensive treatment of environmental pollution and the creation of national environmental protection model city work conference", started a comprehensive pollution control model, the 2014 Eastern Conference battle. Meeting the full mobilization and deployment of pollution control, 2014 year, the District Construction Bureau, Yun home town government, China Zijin City who were made a position statement, the district government and relevant departments signed the "target responsibility book".

8 aspects to improve the quality of the eastern environment

full implementation of the East District in 2014 air pollution comprehensive management action plan, do a solid job in the comprehensive management of air pollution in 2014. According to "national environmental protection model city to create the East District of the overall programme of work" and "objective responsibility", effectively promote the five indicators, to further promote the work of the model, and strive to smoothly through the national Ministry of environmental protection technology assessment. The consolidation of the sewage outfall and black smelly small ditch remediation results, continuously improve the Huangshui River water quality, carry out environmental remediation work area river; increase the Huangshui River Basin (East Section) environmental supervision wading enterprises. According to the municipal government issued a total amount of major pollutants control and emission reduction tasks, develop control plans and emission reduction plans to ensure that the emission reduction targets to implement specific projects, the implementation of the responsibility of the unit and responsible person. Continue to strengthen the environmental protection "110" complaints hotline service performance, adhere to iron pollution, and resolutely shut down banned all kinds of small and medium enterprises, carefully organized to carry out illegal sewage remediation company to protect public health and environmental protection special action. It attaches great importance to environmental protection in rural areas, improving the rural ecological environment; on noise pollution prevention efforts; solid waste pollution prevention and treatment. And further strengthen the environmental supervision work grid, strictly implement the leading chip package contact point, primary responsibility to the management system, improve grid supervision level. We organize various environmental protection propaganda work, enhance people’s awareness of environmental protection, environmental protection and make the year working people known to every family.

in the "ruling" determined to lay the battle


district mayor He Mingxing made a mobilization speech at the meeting, for the cadres and workers should attach great importance to fully understand the environmental pollution and the model work of the urgency and importance of face area facing more than and 5 challenges, starting from the study and implement the Provincial Committee and the NPC and CPPCC "spirit, fully understanding the urgency of protecting ecological environment and environmental pollution, to the" ruling "courage and determination, carry forward the" nail "and" screw "spirit, resolutely fight the eastern model and check the comprehensive treatment of environmental pollution battle. (author: Zhou Ye Qiang Bao Sheng He Jinchao left)


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