nnovative ways to create a strong atmosphere
on April 8, 2017

– Datong "military enterprises build a model village" activities known to every family

since the military enterprises build a model village "activities carried out in Datong County as the center of the county will build activities, continuous innovation in the promotion methods, take a variety of ways, and create a strong atmosphere, to ensure that the" military enterprises build a model village "the benefits of agricultural household, popular activist.

one is to build information platform. through the information platform to build mobile phone, "military enterprises build a model village campaign group leader, deputy leader, all members of the township and village cadres to build, build activities every day to send information, dynamic, in order to further understand the latest progress in building activities. At the same time, improve the information network infrastructure, to create "military enterprises build a model village" QQ group, will build priorities, requirements and significance through the QQ group timely release to the relevant towns, real-time information sharing, consultation difficult at any time, improve work efficiency.

two is a village preaching . 10 backbone teachers organize county Party Committee Party school instructors, the demonstration village to carry out military enterprises build a model village "thematic knowledge propaganda activities. 46 demonstration village between the team members, Party members and villagers about 2600 people participated in the training study, about 46 passengers, up to 92 hours. Thematic lectures closely linked to the villages, easy to understand language, the contents of the masses, loved by the masses, so that the villagers to further understand the importance of "significant military enterprises build a model village" activities and promote the construction of new socialist countryside.

three is the media to create. give full play to the functional role of the radio and Television Department propaganda, reported the latest progress of the county to build a demonstration village. The use of reporters go grassroots column, publicity and construction activities in the emergence of a typical branch or character, play a leading role model. In the "Datong news" opened "to build and promote the development of military enterprises and play" column, the news manuscript 64, and use the swimming subtitles scrolling activities to create publicity slogans, and actively create atmosphere.

four is to increase publicity efforts. to ensure that the county’s "military enterprises build a model village" activities to achieve tangible results, the county propaganda, invested 90 thousand yuan, up placed 7 of the permanent sign in Ning Zhang highway along the main road junctions; invested 500 thousand yuan, 36 demonstration villages produced 2 pieces of permanent billboards; investment 30 thousand yuan, and more than 230 hanging banners, issued more than 8000 copies of promotional materials. At the same time, the organization of rural workers into the home of farmers, to build the content and meaning of the activities of the masses to answer questions, improve the awareness of the masses.

five is flexible and diverse. mobilize the majority of Youth League members and grassroots organizations, and actively participate in the demonstration village;

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