Bridge Street Civic Center opened
on April 12, 2017

9, the center of a small bridge street grand opening, thousands of people to watch.

Bridge Street public center is north of the city district government for public service center to further improve people work efficiency, expand the public cultural activities area and build a set of convenient service platform and the public space of public cultural activities in one of the. The center of a cabinet service allows people to bridge the area can be a one-time lump sum district government, neighborhood offices, community neighborhood committees of all the three items of approval, intimate service concept praised by the public. The public space of public cultural activities with professional exhibition hall, multi-function hall, dance studio, music rehearsal room, mini cinema, Internet cafes and green library, all no rest day open to all citizens free of charge.

the opening day of the exhibition of contemporary art is the most dramatic, 26 artists to provide a picture, painting, image, body, and behavior of material remnants of the rich content and landscape, showing a picture of a variety of art world and multidimensional, various concepts, novel form, all aspects of the show as the plum blossom in full bloom in the twelfth lunar month, attracted many to the eyes, attracted continuous admiration.


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