From the food small two start to dream of becoming a fruit and vegetable tycoon
on April 28, 2017

college students grow up from the campus, entrepreneurial starting point will tend to focus on the campus. Chongqing several college students to develop new ideas for college students in the Internet to sell fruit, they hope one day to become a fresh electricity supplier tycoon.

2012 in December, one day, Wang Jianle in the laboratory to do experiments, ginger army to send him to eat, see Wang Jianle in writing things, ginger army very curious. Wang Jianle told him he wanted to do community fresh vegetables distribution idea, it aroused the interest of different Jiang Jun, Wang Ji, Jiang Jun want is to do high-end office service life distribution. But the idea is just in the head, they didn’t put it into practice.


project is determined, then they began to form a team, in February 2013, two small dishes, they recruited a group of University Master Technology Lab, website, APP, WeChat platform technology research and development, operation, also divided two business groups, front, back, products, Android, IOS, game etc.. Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, a more than and 80 square meters near the suite is their entrepreneurial base.

The distribution of

in two small dishes "website, see the products they are selling into individual packages and business packages. The highest price is recommended

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