A couple of difficult entrepreneurial process
on May 3, 2017

it is understood that many people are faced with the grim situation of employment, especially some just graduated college students. In order to allow yourself to grow, many people want to try to start their own business, Xia Nan is a good example. She has now acquired a lot of wealth, which has a lot to do with her unremitting efforts. So, in the end is how to get rich on the road? Next, let’s get to know each other!

the grim employment situation for graduates at a loss. However, this year just graduated from the University of Xia Nan is a manager, she and her husband founded the company monthly sales reached ten thousand yuan, net income of nearly million.

job is difficult to find, graduated from a small husband and wife, the cartridge venture

in February this year, is about to graduate from the Soviet Union to Xia Nan and her husband, graduated from university last year’s peak Rao chun to live together.

Xia Nangang was pregnant at this time, at this time, the peak has lost his job, the two had to rely on the home help. When they can not do anything, the rental of a house called "Office Bridge" to join the company’s printer services to attract the attention of the summer. Xia Nan found that the project involves mainly involved in the recovery and reuse of printer cartridges. After half month of preparation, held 40 thousand yuan borrowed from the money at home, Xia Nan and his wife out of his own printer ink powder repair station.

a day two instant noodles, pregnant woman manager is very hard

, however, operating maintenance station, and Xia Nan did not imagine so easy. The beginning of a month, the maintenance station every day to peak No one shows any interest in, Rao Chun of leaflets, Xia Nan is responsible for store management at home. Most of the time, Nan Nan is all the goods in a person’s loading and unloading shop. A finishing shelf, Xia Nan continuously moved several boxes of cartridges, suddenly feel a burst of nausea, Xia Nan has a few mouth spit yellow water, immediately falls to the ground, took a long time to come back to life.

as a result of the beginning of the repair station is not profitable, to save the cost of two days a day to eat only one meal, instant noodles became their staple food. Every time they go to the supermarket, they will carry back several boxes of instant noodles, an average of two people living on less than $10 a day. Rao Junfeng admitted that every time he looked at the body in the summer to eat instant noodles, I am very sad.

to earn 50 yuan, he sat for 4 hours bus

wife at home to take care of business, Rao Junfeng ran out of the customer. At the time when the service station had just opened, the peak was at 7 in the morning and returned at about 7 in the evening. A month, he traveled around the repair station of the various schools, hospitals, companies, distributed nearly 5000 leaflets. A recommendation for an enterprise in Jinqiao Industrial Park

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