Ceramic enterprises should know how to protect intellectual property rights
on May 6, 2017

is now a lot of competition in the industry, the competition is also more intense ceramic industry. Many ceramic enterprises have attached great importance to innovation, but ignored the maintenance of their own intellectual property rights, which requires attention, because intellectual property rights in the future will affect the development of ceramic enterprises.

"fair" in the scene, when reporters raised the hands of the mobile phone, the most heard is not to take pictures! Into the exhibition hall, declined to take pictures of the signs can be seen everywhere. A small detail, reflecting the foreign trade enterprises from the simple processing price stage, the transition to the fight against intellectual property rights transformation of the road.

"fair", a little episode occurred in Jiangsu Gaochun ceramic Limited by Share Ltd. The company’s business staff in the exhibition hall to visit, found that there are 3 foreign companies cottage their classic products.

"although there are copycat products meeting, but now I think the intellectual property atmosphere is much better than before. As long as you go to negotiate, there is evidence, the other will take the initiative to correct their behavior, not shualaipi."   Sun Jinqi says.

"this cute, I can buy a take away?" A young woman with blond hair and blue eyes on the Nanjing International Gift Co., Ltd. doll fondle admiringly, asked in English can not buy a walk. The results were politely rejected: new products for display."


> said the Municipal Bureau of Commerce

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