Fushun and cooking characteristics of seven attract you to join
on May 13, 2017

health seems to have become one of the most popular nouns, and now people can not do without health care. The concept of change so that people pay more attention to their physical health, which is essential for food and beverage investment. Cooking is a new food catering project investment project to join cooking good? And Fushun has a vast profit channel. Now on the market there are many brands of rice in the pot, but the taste is different. For the pursuit of a healthy diet and health of consumers, eat health cooking is first demands. Then the market well-known brand which is a high health? Is it cooking and Fushun regimen has seven characteristics:


1, a unique process: refers to the cooking techniques, to stew, with more than and 10 kinds of fresh vegetables and homemade bottom oil, sauce and a variety of pharmaceutical materials stew meat fish, seafood and other food, not the loss of nutrients, zhinongweihou, Mian tender delicious; add secret soup, also can eat mutton all kinds of vegetables, meat food, can eat after rinse, pleasant aftertaste


2, ancient techniques: through hundreds of years the dust of history, heritage, is an ancient method of eating years has been tested, with strong humanistic color, called imperial cuisine, meet the people desire to experience the traditional court culture.

3, a new fashion of cooking from the traditional, not rigidly adhere to the tradition, but the times, the future, the new brewing formulation, application of new tools, to create a new way of eating, cooking and washing, the soup combined to conform to the new era, creating a new model, new trend, new feeling and new taste, meet new way of eating people, open up new markets.

4, delicious taste, braise, without a drop of water, complete with water and vegetable sauce a delicious stew in the end, without cover, stir fried meat, vegetables, spices and so forth without interference of the air, nutrition will not be lost, totally vitamin and protein needed by the human body.

5, fast operation: the use of modern high-tech titanium alloy steel pot and efficient electromagnetic stove, just ten minutes, a pot of delicious food will boil out, meet the people eat fast, fast, time-saving and labor-saving health modernization efficiency requirements.

6, clean, health: on-site operation, not smoked, grilled, no pollution, in line with the concept of environmental protection, a lot of benefits to human health.

7, a simple model: no chef, no kitchen, no fumes, for investors to save a lot of chef salaries and kitchen costs. Without the control of any person, you can only profit by simple operation.

entrepreneurial needs perseverance and determination, perseverance is to stick to the end, determination is the courage to win. Fushun and rice in the pot to join, on your way to success.

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