Ma’anshan Finance industry out of poverty so that the poor households opened the flower
on May 31, 2017

due to the different geographical conditions and the difference between the relevant policies, so the economic development in the region of life is inconsistent, so many places are facing the problem of poverty. Recently, in Ma’anshan City, the new port of Cheng Po Mu Qiao Zhen Guan Tang Cun Wei, long ago in the village 133 industrial poverty alleviation projects from poor households, got the shares for the first time since 400 yuan per household share dividend. The poor people smile, can become a shareholder and receive dividends, they did not spend a penny, all equity from 50 thousand yuan per household small loans for poverty alleviation.

this is the way to explore the establishment of the finance and industry of the new port area, the road to poverty, poverty, poor households to promote poverty alleviation well-off. Reporters learned that the village is a poor village of provincial Kwun tong. In early May of this year, Cheng Po port district combined with poverty alleviation microfinance policy, innovation practice, formulate the implementation of industrial poverty village of dendrobium. By the Ma’anshan Cheng Po Port District XinDa financing Company limited by guarantee official village 133 poor households in the form of government guarantees, and from the commercial behavior of each poor households to 50 thousand yuan for small loans for poverty alleviation.

at the same time, by the new dendrobinm characteristic industry leading enterprises in Anhui create a modern agricultural investment and Development Co. Ltd. invested 500 thousand yuan, Ma’anshan district ecological agriculture development Co., Ltd. invested 400 thousand yuan, with a total of 6 million 650 thousand official village households loans small relief yuan jointly set up Ma’anshan Siyuan modern Agriculture Development Co. Ltd., the village 133 poor households then turned to shareholders.

according to the plan, as the new building of the poverty alleviation platform, Ma’anshan Siyuan company will rely on the Anhui Tongchuang company Dendrobium cultivation technology and management experience, the implementation of "production orders" and "guaranteed price". The company provides Dendrobium plantlets and create planting technical support, 4 years of planting period, "create" per kilogram of not less than the total price of 380 yuan repurchase Dendrobium Siyuan company, produced all the profits to the poor households dividend.

"the model of poverty alleviation variable for hematopoietic transfusion, give full play to the role of small loans for poverty alleviation policy; at the same time, not less than 380 yuan per catty recovery floor price, so that poor households can not lose." Siyuan company director Yu Taihe, due to cultivation of Dendrobium long period, 4 years to grow back, so in order to achieve the desired effect of poverty alleviation, their rate of advance payment and monthly dividend to 10% annual income. The payment is the first month of poor households shares dividends.

Ma’anshan Finance + industry road out of poverty, so that poor households have opened up, to a certain extent, better improve the living conditions of the local people. This is a good policy of the government, the use of poverty alleviation loans, they can not pay monthly dividends, but also to the company to earn money." The 63 year old Xiao Ruan Guan Tang Cun village households representative Hu industry to reporters calculations: the annual planting base in Dendrobium working income of about 150 is recommended