How can beauty salons retain customers
on May 31, 2017

beauty salon in order to retain customers, it is necessary to have a set of skills, then, how can the beauty salon to retain customers? If the customer management system is built very carefully, the business will do better. Would like to open a beauty salon friends may wish to look at it together.

1, give employees a way to let employees know what to do, how to do.

has been the beauty salon requirements on employees’ service and sales. Few employees can tell the specific work. In the end how to service how to sell, did not give employees a specific assessment of the rigid standards.

2, give employees a set of work coordination mechanism, the formation of the role of the team.

3, can strengthen the cohesion, breakthrough in the beauty salon business personal heroism phenomenon.

to establish this mechanism in the service marketing system, is the main way to work in a team, so that it does not depend on an employee’s personal ability, to eliminate the existence of the many beauty salons "in a shop of the pillar, the formation of exclusion" phenomenon to other employees. When the boss formed a team operation, put an end to the emergence of personal hero, the boss in the management of cohesion will naturally enhance the stability of the operation will be of great benefit.

4, remove communication barriers between beauticians and customers.

due mostly beautician age, and the customer’s age gap, and there are basic differences in living environment, natural thinking and the topic will be a lot of difference. Beautician is often confused and do not know where to get close to the customer, when we give the beautician to collect customer information in the way, beauticians and customers can naturally find a common topic. Moreover, with the improvement of customer information collection, we are more likely to find customers like the topic, but also can directly tell the beautician how to communicate with customers.