Shenzhen Baoan District Bay Area Construction
on June 2, 2017

Shenzhen is a period of our country reform and opening up the earliest, frontier city is also the development of the whole society, to attract a lot of foreign investments in today’s entrepreneurial transition period, Shenzhen is also a first place.

8 22 afternoon, China Innovation Forum and MIT-CHIEF (Massachusetts Institute of Technology China innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum) (Guangdong Shenzhen) Baoan line activities held in Thailand Phoenix Island, from the United States MIT-CHIEF innovative entrepreneurial team, Baoan key industrial park, a well-known investment institutions and enterprises of science and technology, and Baoan District Organization Department, District Economy Promotion Bureau, bureau of science and technology innovation, investment promotion department and other relevant units and six Street relevant person in charge of a total of more than and 200 people participated in the activities. The event was organized by the Baoan district government, the district office and the joint venture investment promotion agency.

the US innovation forum and MIT-CHIEF Baoan line activities are also the "phoenix" series of high-end talent activities the first activity. Next, Baoan District will hold the "phoenix" series of high-end talent season activities, planning work conference held in the region of personnel, carry out the "Golden Phoenix Award" and "Chinese parasol tree award," Zhaocaiyinzhi · investment "Silicon Valley, famous enterprises, the elite talent policy train and other series of activities, involving many aspects of talent incentive in recognition, introduction and training, seminars, policy services, to attract overseas high-end people recommended

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