Thousands of dollars venture Month to sell 2000 books earn a monthly salary of five thousand or six
on June 10, 2017

everyone wants to be a ordinary person, so this extraordinary is often found in the ordinary, do extraordinary things of nature becomes extraordinary, here is a real case, a 24 year old king took 6000 yuan business, she opened 6000 yuan a shop in Taobao. 6000 yuan started business shop, the most recent period of business particularly prosperous, turnover increased by 80%. 6000 yuan venture, how can she do so prosperous, to what is asked of entrepreneurial projects 6000 yuan, how can you make it easy for her monthly income of five thousand or six thousand, she smiled and said: "is the light son of school, the store mainly sells bags, a month sold 2000


6000 yuan principal Entrepreneurship: only 6000


buyers to junior and senior high school students, there are 3040 year old lady herself just primary school children to buy this bag, the price of more than 39 yuan, even if the children want to seek fresh for a year in a bag, the burden of parents will not be too big. "And the market in the hundreds of dollars on the bag, parents certainly can not eat."

Taobao stores a year, the business grew steadily, from the beginning of August 10th this year, entered the shop sales season. The scene, this time, the shop every day more than 60 pieces of goods, sales increased by about 80% than usual >

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