Do these 4 aspects of the preparation can open a convenience store
on June 10, 2017


can open a shop you can be your own boss, do not listen to others but like office workers, is very good, for example, to open a convenience store, so how to open a convenience store? The convenience store is not only the big city market, now the County Township, even in rural areas, but also with the development of the convenience store market, so this is to look at what needs to be done to open a convenience store


1. administration of industry and Commerce:

open a convenience store business license, management fees, tobacco monopoly, health permits, etc., these are the need for early processing, which is not much to say. Consult local administration.

2. store layout, display planning:

a good store of his stores area layout should be very reasonable, it is convenient for customers to buy, or how to layout convenient? The most important is the design of commodity display, the most troublesome work which is better for newcomers. Store layout is better experience, of course, has now accumulated through the accumulation of a number of business experts, the formation of a number of basic principles. I would like to talk about the layout and display.

3. store renovation, equipment purchase:

open a convenience store store renovation, including store decoration (combined with the layout), wall decoration, shop instructions, store signs, wall decoration, etc.. The equipment includes: refrigerator cabinet, shelf, POS machine, microwave oven, hot water kettle, etc..

4. merchandise selection and procurement:

in addition to the three points above, this last point is also very important, it is time to purchase, the product will be filled the vacancy, the classification of goods, goods that items that negotiate with suppliers, purchase orders, POS software selection, POS system set up, the data base and commodity information input etc. 6 staff: staff positions and quantity assurance, working time and arrangement etc..

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