String incense shop location should pay attention to what
on June 14, 2017

strings are very popular on the market by the Sichuan snacks, the market demand is very large. Some people would like to open a string of incense shop, in order to be successful, we must first choose a good location. So the string of incense shop location should pay attention to what? Let’s take a look at it.

1, according to their own string of incense shop location

string incense shop before choosing its location, we must first clear their business scope and business positioning. Consider their own target consumer groups, is the main consumer groups for the general public, or mainly for the middle and high class consumer groups, simple talk is to choose to be able to close to the target consumer groups. Under normal circumstances, most of the strings are suitable for people to choose a relatively large flow of people in the neighborhood, especially the local commercial activities are more frequent, more mature commercial facilities.

2, we should try to avoid the traffic control in the streets of the site, there is a string of incense shop in front of the location of the vehicle parked

A lot of

city in order to facilitate the traffic management, in some of the main streets will set up traffic control, such as one-way traffic, vehicle type, traffic restrictions limit time and so on, Chuanchuan Xiang store location should be avoided in these places. Don’t try to a fence in the middle of the road street shop, because it would limit across the stream of people over, even if you do have to store the string of incenses eye-catching, opposite the customer can only hope helplessly shop". Convenient transportation is one of the conditions to choose the location of a string of incense shop, near the vicinity of the fragrant incense shop near the bus station, as well as the taxi station to provide the upper and lower. In addition, the string incense shop door or accessories should be easy to park the car parking or open space, which will be more convenient for customers to shop.

3, to select the residents gathered, the population concentrated areas, not in the residents and the residents of the growing areas of slower growth

popular area basically are conducive to the open string incense shop, the development of new city area, at the beginning, Xiling residents less population, if the lack of more floating population, is not suitable to open shop Chuanchuan xiang. Although sometimes opened in the new area, you can sell goods exclusive, but often due to the lack of customers, it is difficult to support the daily operation of string incense shop.

4, want to know in advance whether there is a string of incense shop near the possibility of demolition, the existence of property disputes or other issues

with the rapid development of the city, the transformation of the old city is likely to encounter in the management, set up the string of incenses store first to investigate and understand the situation of the local city planning, avoid the easy demolition of the "dangerous" area set string incense shop. In the rental housing, but also to investigate the use of the housing, such as the quality of construction, housing owners have property rights or other debt

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