ce cream market potential
on June 22, 2017

relative to the fast food accessories category, ice cream industry competition is particularly fierce, especially in recent years with the gradual increase of ice cream shop, will be more competition in this market to a peak, following analyzes the ice cream industry.

1, the price war has exposed weakness

2, product design philosophy has been to natural, health regression

With the popularity of

1, the era of soft ice cream market began after more than and 20 years of development, China ice cream industry has made great progress, but this progress is mainly manifested in the industry – hard ice cream ice cream, in addition to McDonald’s KFC in the market we basically can not see the shadow of soft ice cream, occasionally in a place to see a it will not have too deep impression, seems to be another major branch of the ice cream forgotten. Of course, soft ice cream can not scale up the development of many reasons.

2, a large amount of grain and fruit added to the natural ice

3, the market will be the image and price higher than the current mainstream products after years of competition, the existing mainstream companies have been labeled as a public product. Whether it is foreign investment in wall’s, Nestle or Yili, Mengniu, they won some low-end consumers recommend

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