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on February 26, 2017


wrote this article, Wang Xi thought, will not be sprayed! After all he is doing SEO training industry! Although there is no large-scale to recruit students, but in the real name network marketing forum, how much is a bit misleading a lot of people. At home to do their own three years of SEO, only to find their original physical strength, are consumed, the most common is often sick, sick on the span of a long time, basically a month to recover. So to write this article, want to ask

about you!


health important or pseudo freedom important

SEO people, more or less will see some training institutions SEO said:

only have a computer, you can make money on the Internet


you learn SEO, you stay at home you can easily make money


as long as you have the execution, you do SEO is no problem!

help people earn ten thousand, not as good as their own at home to earn $3000 cool!

at home to hang up, earning 500 Wangzhuan


, of course, there are a lot of publicity! For this topic, Wang Xi has also been done, and do better than most people! As a person, think slowly open your heart, think this is nonsense!

can say that, SEOer you go back to it! It is not from their own time, time is not for you to say. The most common thing is that the original feel free to do things that have become the freedom to kidnap you. For example, you really don’t have time to leave the computer, because you walk away, don’t know, your site when others out of


for a long time, you will feel that time is not your own, but in the eyes of the family to see in the morning! Little brother wrote a paragraph, feeling very much:

SEO this business, selling with a prostitute selling skills of youth, and look forward to tears, for traffic and ranking. Never by village. Well, thanks to bow votes customers, screwed up, and with profound respect and humility by K. The top 35 contains the empty empty reputation, earned seven or eight suspended pension money. After all, scattered into the mud, gone with the wind.

SEO should go out to breathe fresh air

once asked some people, why not find a work! His answer is to do something, the less the money, live more hard work, not at home to do the same orders, can make money, but also free! However, this thing, don’t love the most, Wang Xi a word that is, ye do not stay here, stay somewhere! The development of the Internet, cannot do without the operation of people! In advanced technology, he cannot do without! So generally want to develop business, he is bound to a high salary to


is not something you can’t find

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