Wang Jian stationmaster should how to realize fast profit
on July 11, 2017

recently saw many webmaster in order to profit, do all kinds of ways to improve the site traffic, think traffic represents income. Even spend a lot of money to promote. In fact, traffic is only an important factor in profitability. The author today and we talk about how quickly profitable website. They are divided into two categories: flow factor and profit terminal.

one, improve the traffic of the website. Traffic simply means the actual number of visits to the site. Generally speaking, the greater the flow of the site, the more income it has, the traffic is directly proportional to income. How to improve the flow quickly, for example, put some good resources on the forum, set points or contribution value, if the user is interested in the resource, will take the initiative to help you advertise. This is leveraging the development model. In addition, the webmaster should take the initiative to develop, enrich the content of the website, regularly publish activities, interact with users, and train loyal users.

two, select a good terminal. The quality of the terminal determines the conversion rate. The traffic of a website is very little, but profit terminal is very good, income is very impressive also. For example, small and medium-sized websites usually place advertising pages containing advertising League codes on their websites, and then advertise the ad pages to get a small amount of advertising, which is a profit terminal. Some people have set up their own online shop and sold their own reality products on the Internet. The product is a terminal. General advertising page income is generally lower than open shop income. So it’s important to have a good terminal.

for the site to make money owners, must according to their actual situation to choose flow channel and terminal type. If you have all of these two factors, pick up your pocket and get your money ready.

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