Nine ways to teach you to buy a virtual host without being cheated
on July 11, 2017

we have some want to do the site owners have just entered the stationmaster industry friends, whether you will often be able to buy the heart of some space in the worry? Just do certainly not invest too much money, so we will focus on some of the benefits of cheap virtual host me. There are many IDC merchants will also introduce some preferential space, as low as 18 yuan, higher than hundred yuan range. Look, now the Internet strike hard stage, good cheap host is less and less, there are many space providers have raised prices. But this is not a two, so there will still be a lot of good space for us to choose. But among them, IDC industry is out of order, and there are also some space dealers. Now let me give you a few suggestions:

(1) buy space, preferably buy support trial and support a week dissatisfied with the refund;

(2) conditions to some well-known space business purchases, such as new network, 10 thousand nets are good, but to separate and fake phishing sites;

(3) buy a lot of space, not in a space business to buy, and now the national policy changes at any time, buy different places of space, in case of a rainy day, turn off one, I have other;

(4) to buy space, preferably to the host network or Taobao and other high prestige, support third party guarantee place, do not just direct hit money to the seller’s account;

(5) before buying to see if the seller company website is the ISP (business registration) or formal license, generally no ISP are small company website or personal station, here said the ISP is not our ICP number, please identify the small company, certainly some of the poor stability, to what the problem is you want to find him, the customer service personnel to

(6) look at the space provider site is formal, to see if there is no phone number, whether the phone is through, whether it is true. A more formal point stay landline, leaving 400 of the worst, is left QQ, small companies and even individuals, a person to apply a lot of numbers QQ, is he, he is also a customer service;

(7) learn online search methods to support: such as Baidu search the space company’s name, website name, such as certain data, such a network. Searching his phone, QQ code, and even searching his business license, I’ve met a cheater, IDC. I searched him on the QQ and the telephone line. It wasn’t him at all. It was too fake. We have to be on the alert.

(8) check the space domain information, is a new company, I went online to check a fake space business, see he has made two false IDC, when I ask them to call you before why don’t do that anymore, he took me to the blacklist;

(9) last point, we just do stand, choose the virtual host, live first, after the development of the server is not later. Space to 50-100M size is appropriate, concurrent 50-100 between, not >

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