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on February 26, 2017

many times, we will see Tencent, Baidu, Taobao, Jingdong, such as large companies in the era of mobile internet talk about. You are busy with the layout of the various areas of the mobile Internet, and as a grassroots how we play it? We do not have strong financial, human and material resources, how can we adhere to the grassroots. How to do a good job of their products and websites, here to provide some of my views for your reference:

a, market research. A good product is a prerequisite to make you feel is going to struggle, Shi Yuzhu in bankruptcy, decided to borrow 500 thousand do put melatonin product in a 3 city, because he is very clear, a good product must have a good market seeking to contribute to the. After a long period of market research. Therefore, the individual owners in the selection of a product before the market research and product positioning is essential. Individual stationmaster is perhaps not through what third party data are the needs of the market feedback, but Baidu keywords search tools, and do a little market research products in their own circle of friends.

two, persistent persistence. Alibaba started from 94 years to do, who do not know what the original Ma wanted to do, but Ma is very clear about the purpose of their own Alibaba, the site’s product positioning is for what. By 2012, the outbreak of the double eleven, so that we finally realized that Ma insisted that year for what. It is also due to Ma insisted that the achievements of today’s The Empire State Building ali. Everyone is tired and tired (including our personal webmaster also), actually boil a boil is past, if there is one day do not want to face their own everyday behavior, you can give yourself to try, see other types of articles and posts, look at other webmaster in A5 own experience harvest, joy, and adhere to the time, sometimes also will bring a psychological resonance and resonance. Finally, wash your face and began to continue to collect, organize, create their own content.

three, user needs. A product really want to do is not only simple to allow users to use it, but the habit of using it. As the core product of Tencent QQ is very good for us to explain this, that is, to meet the needs of customers in a timely manner to chat online typing chat. Many owners will ignore this problem. Program design is perfect and the screen is very texture, but whether the user can be recognized, the results can not be predicted. Sometimes a simple button on the left and right out of the effect will be different. Personal webmaster in website, attention must be paid to the effect of testing products, sometimes a very good user experience design, can directly promote the rate of customer visit back.

four, data feedback. A good statistical tool to bring a lot of visitors to the characteristics of the site, the contents of the site, as well as some of the long tail keywords flow. Personal webmaster to learn to use webmaster tools do report, statistical key >

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