The wine network 2014 electricity profit loss of 65 million
on July 14, 2017

yesterday evening, green barley wine wine wine in the release of the acquisition of era (Beijing) Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the wine network) transaction progress announcement and disclosure of the main financial indicators of the wine network, this year 1-3 month wine achieved operating income of 57 million 466 thousand and 500 yuan, net profit -1611.81 million yuan, in 2014 operating income 168 million yuan, implementation net profit -6565.01 million.

also announced that the wine network revenue comes mainly from the line, the year 2014, 2015 1-3 month online revenue accounted for 80.61%, 91.28%. As of now, the wine network has nearly 200 line stores, which operated 5 stores, the rest mainly joined, cooperative store.

the poor performance of the network in the wine is the ideal target of

for the acquisition of the original intention of the wine network, green barley wine had said in April 28th this year, the acquisition channels complement the wine network management experience with e-commerce rich, and the main line of traditional marketing channels can be complementary, after the completion of the acquisition will help achieve rapid e-commerce sales channels. In addition, the technical team in the wine network can provide a good help for the construction of future electricity supplier team.

In May 22nd

green barley wine meeting, a green barley wine said, buy wine net, has a deeper intention, is a "wine" this name is very valuable, the merger is to create a wine wine alliance, the depth distribution of Internet plus.

these people also said, "the acquisition of the wine network in fact we have done a lot of analysis, the wine network Qiaqia is our ideal target, choose the wine network, but as far as the northwest green barley wine, wine individual business, a lot of people that die. But green barley wine is standing in the industry point of view of doing this thing (wine, Union) we are all from Chinese liquor business perspective, hope to marriage between enterprises, together to complete this thing".

reportedly, China wine alliance is mainly the integration, use of social resources, and community stores, agents to establish relations of cooperation. Store into a warehouse, and ultimately to build a C based B2B business, and finally to promote the form of consumer driven form, forming a complete business closed loop.

as for the specific mode of operation, according to the meeting revealed that the first is the downstream terminal as the carrier, the regional wholesale wine as the core of the upstream supply chain integration B2B mode; secondly, the terminal chain stores as the carrier, by the government website and third party business platform, mobile phone terminal APP leading online retail, drainage, storage and distribution one line under O2O mode.

in the wine network chairman Lai Jinyu told the media that Internet plus is not a revolution, but a win-win situation, liquor companies do Internet plus, break the traditional asymmetric information between enterprises, and the wine in the alliance should not only with the cooperation with distributors and other wineries, but also cooperation, create.

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