Network promotion minefield avoid small coup
on July 14, 2017

network to promote the successful way there will be differences, but the failure did the same. Many new Adsense in network promotion work, very easy because of impetuosity, unconsciously entered the promotion so minefield! In the promotion process, how to prevent, how to do, can get network marketing success, and can effectively avoid the network trap


, don’t turn your website into a collection station,

a collection of other information in the network, although will increase Baidu included on the website, but the website is completely the information of others is not love the audience, so the webmaster if you do not have the strength or energy of the original work, can be used for pseudo original collected data and information, as long as you the information is clear, the audience would have been raising concerns on the site. Search engine spiders are also more inclined to have content of the site, and this is the webmaster in doing network promotion process should really pay attention to the problem. Too much duplication and duplicate content will be dropped even at K stations.

resolutely abandoned the website to optimize cheating

for those who are familiar with the rules of network promotion, the natural will not make such low-level mistakes. But for beginners, there are still many kinds of problems, even foul, website optimization cheating. Facts have proved that those who want to rely on the "shortcut" to do the station, will pay a heavy price at the end. Blog chain wheel, group station, black chain, buy friendship link, content factory, this can not be our shortcut to improve website traffic and weight. The important thing is to be pragmatic, and the search engine will also see your work.

do your website, insist on

website is a long-term process, in order to achieve good results and achieve the ultimate interests of the website transformation, a persistent work is necessary. How can I make my website promotion work meticulous, and content fortress is the effective means to break through many competitors. Most of the time we will see the webmaster every day in hard work, but the site ranking and traffic, popularity is no change at all, and even retrogression, this time a lot of people will get disheartened and even have to give up the idea. But you do not know, the site is not overnight, long-term adherence, not only can change the favor of search engines, the most important thing is to allow more audiences to become your customers.

to do network promotion is no shortcut to seek, appropriate network promotion, integrated method of application, coupled with long-term adherence to the site is an important guarantee for achievement

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