New station monthly traffic skyrocketing 6000P consequences
on July 15, 2017

it seems that many people see this title do not believe that in less than 1 months of new sites to achieve 6000IP seems unlikely, in fact this is not difficult to see what you are, what type of station, like entertainment site traffic soared is very fast, of course, this is not what good since the flow. But to remind everyone, no matter what your station, short term traffic soared (from the search engine) is not necessarily what good thing, here I took last summer to do a movie station as an example to talk about this problem. (this is less than a month refers to last year, and now Baidu is only a new station, estimated to be nearly 1 months)

the movie station can be said to be the first site I do, the domain name is used in CN meters, CMS was DEDE4.0 (now DEDE SEO very good), started 07 years at the beginning of July, we can look at the Statistics website of the month.

statistics opening date is July 3rd, the highest IP in 28 days, we can see that movie station IP is very easy, while IP rose quickly, but the PV value is very low, with garbage station features about site for a week, IP had exceeded 1000, but the station content is less. 1000IP was also just twenty or thirty articles, mainly at the time of several popular keywords brings, such as light a "Hongkong 10th anniversary celebration." every day can bring four hundred or five hundred IP, after it has been hovering between one thousand or two thousand, did not break up, this situation lasted more than a week, probably during the update 10 articles, one morning until late that month, I opened a statistical look startled, the day before the IP has reached nearly 6000


here mention at this site without any outside chain, is completely "internal optimization results, Baidu is to face every day, from the search engine to IP accounted for more than 95%, but that was the last year of Baidu, Baidu now seems more and more attention to the foreign chain.

when I look carefully, and found that more than 5000IP is actually a keyword brought, ha ha, here is not confidential, and this keyword is related to Naruto, search a lot of people. Because at that time I just know a little about SEO, even if want more optimization of several popular words, not soon exceeded 10 thousand IP? I just revel in the joy of soaring IP, Baidu it suddenly from head to foot I poured a bucket of cold water – 6000IP lasted only 2 days, third days. To a few hundred, fourth stems directly to my crispy rice to K, then I do not know what is going on, because there is no cheating, although some optimization is in the normal range, how can Baidu said K K, former Baidu K K that just heard this, who knows himself today encounters, to this depressed for weeks, just know later, this should be the unspoken rule – the new Baidu + high traffic =K.

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