New year’s Day promotions
on February 26, 2017

First, what is easy to sue (

in nineteenth Century, the US retail giant John · Wonamei have lamented: "I spent half the money is wasted, unfortunately, I do not know which half."

in 2004, a survey of online advertising in the market, asked how to improve online advertising, more than 40% of people believe that online advertising should strengthen its relevance.

· is easy to network; targeted advertising, it can through the analysis of web content, users identify the location, according to advertising requirements and settings, to put advertising to thousands of websites face to the target customer. This new network advertising model is more effective to save the cost of advertising, improve the efficiency of advertising.

1, lock around the business related articles: easy to use semantic analysis technology, directly put in the business related articles around.
2, lock the target area: easy to be able to lock the target customers designated advertising area (specific to the city), only to the designated area of Internet users in front of.
3, Internet users are interested in the lock: easy to inform the user through the analysis of the reading habits, access to history and other factors, locking the Internet users interested in, directly put into the face of these users.

· easy to sue to modern science and technology as the support, standardized management as a means to high-quality talent as the cornerstone of the majority of users to provide comprehensive services. The alliance developed rapidly since its inception, and now owns a number of high performance servers, and has a group of experienced technical development personnel, information management and customer service to improve the management system, with strong technical strength and economic strength, have enough ability to fulfill every customer service commitment

· easy to have an experienced marketing team, and in the marketing mode of continuous innovation, has launched a wealth of marketing model, in order to meet the diverse needs of the webmaster friends.

· easy to sue with a stable system platform, secure and reliable payment of credibility in the industry has established a good reputation. We will be customer satisfaction as our mission, to achieve a more intimate, better service unremitting efforts. We believe that we will have a happy cooperation with the webmaster friends and advertising service providers.

two, easy to report core strengths

(1) accurate orientation
· regional orientation (accurate positioning to the province, through the IP address analysis of the location of the Internet users, the allocation of advertising in the designated area. On the same page, visitors from different cities will open, will show a different advertising, direct target user groups, is conducive to reducing the cost of advertising
· time orientation (selection of prime time advertising week, including
· directional orientation) software (according to the operating system used by visitors or browse.

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