Regional classification network monthly income of over 10000 yuan
on July 24, 2017

with the rapid development of the Internet, but also led to the development of the website, the entertainment business news station, station, station, all kinds of community forum sites on the Internet such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain out, these sites are successful, there is a failure, but they cannot erase the webmaster contribution to the Internet, a few years ago personal for interest, hobby, now it has become a kind of occupation, is a kind of ability to reflect, and website income became the priority among priorities, some owners do a few years of income is not high, some months income close to the white collar, even more than the white-collar workers, in addition to the level of ability, but also is the site positioning, planning, promotion of website construction.

in many types of websites, I think the local classification network has the best prospects.

anywhere, regardless of any group, he will need all kinds of local information, and the local information network to provide users with the information platform, can be found here with the various needs of the users, businesses publish information, attract customers, employees want to find a good job, outsiders want to rent cheaper housing. Home to buy a new house, eager to rent homes and so on, area classification and information network to life, serve the people, it is not just a website, it is a kind of media, but he is better than other media, convenient, fast, and not with money, then he high amount of information, almost every article is the original, search engines love this type of articles, keyword ranking is very high, so the traffic is very good, this kind of website according to the area of population size, economic situation, traffic in general 1000–10W Between, and this kind of website is opposite stationmaster technical requirement is not tall, as long as you can write. Regional information network, he is not limited to advertising, will not be blocked It is without rhyme or reason. account, income confiscated, the majority of his income from local businesses, and businesses in order to attract more customers, will not save money, a day of 1W/ area network, each month a small advertising is probably from a few hundred dollars to thousands of yuan, the specific price according to the economic situation and business of local financial resources, a website without affecting the user experience, to put 20–30 advertising, the monthly income is 20*200 this is the price of 4000 yuan is as low as possible is, some time ago to a regional network to do the planning, he a advertising is on more than 300 yuan a day, saw it even scares me, I rely on, this is not a robbery Mody, but advertising is still not empty. The prospect of regional development, also led to the fierce competition in the market, a small town may appear in several areas, however, where most of the business is not good, not good website construction, planning unreasonable, publicity is not in place and so on, which restrict the development of website promotion, network development is inseparable from the region to open a website, input and advance advertising, compared with the regional network is more important in network publicity, as long as the site planning unreasonable, propaganda in place, then the site traffic will be no less popular website will have a revenue to gather more popular, do not be fooled by the interests of the eyes.

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