Nine necessary and sufficient conditions for successful operation of personal websites
on July 24, 2017

as the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome. The station is the same, there are many methods? You can take different forms, but the status quo is not the same. Today, I want to sum up the necessary and sufficient conditions for the successful operation of these nine personal websites. The so-called necessary and sufficient conditions, I believe we all know it, that is, a thing to be successful full and necessary conditions. It’s like eating. When you have a meal, it’s just enough condition, but it’s not your mouth, so… It’s necessary. Let’s not say any more about it. Come on. (I’m only a grass root stationmaster who has been in touch with him for a year. I don’t think so. Master on the skip, when the younger brother, this nonsense, ha ha) below, this is my personal understanding and web site collection of nine, the necessary and sufficient conditions, I hope to those webmaster help. Ever wanted to jailbreak


sufficient and necessary conditions for the first web site

web themes. What should be placed in the first, of course, there are important reasons for him. Why did Sina succeed? What about Sohu? They were quite successful. They are all gateway stations. Wouldn’t that be successful? No, of course not. Look at Baidu, Taobao, and what’s more, Alibaba. Well, if we’re here to build a portal now, then I can suggest you don’t do that unless you have millions. Or tens of millions. Oh, so it would be nice to have a good theme website right now. Take my website for example: what’s the station? You never heard it, but I just said, now, you will know later, why do you say that, because he has the charm that makes you know?. The news network, literally, is bad news. Have you ever seen a website in this area? No, that’s his charm. After all, who isn’t bad? Who isn’t depressed, right?. By doing what others have not done, you have succeeded, so choosing the subject is the most important thing,

necessary and sufficient condition second sets up team

As the saying goes, "it’s easy to break with one hand," or "one chopstick is easy to break," but the ten one, "the power of the individual is limited, and the strength of the team is infinite",

says. We know. A website from the planning of the first step, it is inseparable from the site planning, technology development, and after the site of endless testing and promotion and marketing, these links need talents. But small websites like us, how to develop, has become a problem. Baidu, Sina, Sohu, and Google. They have developed to this day, they have collected and trained talents and know the importance of the team by the thousands. But I’m doing it right now. I hope I can have a teammate one day,


necessary and sufficient conditions third, people-oriented,

once a Google executive said, "users like sites, we like them."". The user is the core of a website, without this core, so what is the value of the site?. Like my bad news network, whose core users are hapless people, are there fewer people like this?. Then you will succeed.

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