Common pitfalls in the process of virtual hosting
on July 25, 2017

web server is the cornerstone of the site’s normal operation, stable and fast server is very beneficial to enhance the user experience, and also plays a very important role in the process of website optimization. In the process of information popularization and Internet marketing, virtual products have been widely favored by the construction of small and medium enterprises because of their good performance of cost performance. Shanghai website construction company pilot technology, comprehensive six year statistics show that more than 90% of small and medium-sized enterprises in the construction site when the first virtual host, more than 68% of the virtual host space around 200M, according to the different types and configurations, annual rental costs 300 yuan to 800 yuan. However, there is also a phenomenon caused by the attention of the author: part supplier virtual product prices have been ridiculously low, less than one hundred yuan can buy G host, but not limited to traffic, bandwidth and the number of concurrent connections, but the fact is it


first, we need to be able to clearly define the concept of a virtual host. The so-called virtual host, is put in a run on the server on the Internet is divided into a plurality of virtual servers, each virtual host has independent domain name and complete Internet server, support WWW, FTP and other functions. Say more popular, the virtual host is on a separate physical server, through technical methods to separate a number of independent space. It should be noted that, despite the independence of the space, such as CPU, memory, bandwidth, etc., is still shared on a server. In other words, a server, the number of virtual hosts to open more, even to each host CPU, memory, bandwidth and other resources less, its performance will be affected. Knowing the concept of a virtual host, we can easily analyze some pitfalls that are easily encountered in the process of purchasing.

One of the

traps: cheat

with a free trial

isn’t all free trials. It’s a trap, not all. It starts with a free trial. However, the actual situation is that some irresponsible host service providers, that is, under the guise of a free trial, to win the trust of customers. Relatively common operating idea is, when the trial, the host speed and stability are very satisfactory, but after the formal payment opened, but found speed and stability is very unsatisfactory. The operation of this trap is, when the trial is to use the ideal configuration, sufficient bandwidth of the server, the official opening of another server.

traps two: to attract unlimited resources to buy

petty profit must be on, but, in the virtual host of the purchase, every day there are still a lot of people cheated. Unlimited traffic, unlimited bandwidth, and even now unlimited capacity. Typical first throw pie, and then dig the trap, everyone knows, a server’s resources are limited, without restricting you, there is no reason to restrict other people. What’s more, some black hearted IDC vendors, a server that would like to open thousands of virtual hosts, run servers like this

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