A rookie webmaster site more than 10 days of depressing experience
on July 28, 2017

today is my first time to write an article (the composition in school is not counted). I want to speak out my depression.

I am 99 years of contact with the network, not too early, should not too late, ten years old, but never just playing games on the Internet, read novels, chat. In recent years, due to the pressure of life, and because work can be a long time online, there is the idea of building websites to make money. Recently, at the end of November a head into the ranks of the webmaster (estimate and is webmaster.).

does not know which friend said, the movie station flows quickly, the website earns money depends on the flow, has the flow to have the money to make. So in Baidu search for movie station procedures, found the maxcms, seems to be a lot of people use. At that time think, use many people, must be good things, so chose it.

I don’t want to

domain name and registered, enter the maxcms forums look up, then knew the film to the space station at least 1G, then that anxious ah, hate not immediately built a movie station, rolling to the bill. In the maxcms template plate around, feel free to provide a template for a webmaster is very good, just download the template, then see with rental space template advertising, double 2G 224 yuan a year is not limited to IIS, unlimited space, gave a.Com domain name. I do not know whether it is expensive or cheap, listen to this webmaster said is cheaper, and saw the official recommendation of maxcms eight degrees, the price is cheaper than, and then paid to buy this space. I chose a sdkan domain name, name: speed, movie network, ha ha. Personally, this meter is good. This webmaster is also very enthusiastic, to help install the program and template, I’m ready to start.

After a few days of

, watch tutorials, study background settings and collect movies, hands-on collection of 1W movies. Excited at heart, the movie station was finally ready. When a domain name speculation friends heard I want to send a station, a 1 year old me. I used it together to build a movie station.

then the problem came, first of all, the speed of the space is slow, the site can not open half a day, changed the space, and once again. Changed space speed, feel good, after the film collection, the site can not open. The heart that gas ah, ask customer service, said that the telecommunications IP attacks led to, depressed ah, then change space, once again. Finally, in the evening, before 24 in November 23rd, finally binding domain name ah, what can be normal access. Excited, can’t sleep sleep, on the Internet this look, the time came to 2 o’clock in the morning, I sent to a friend asked me how the station, I said. Do not want to, in November 24th, Baidu update, friends sent to the old domain name built station, actually included dozens of pages. Imagine, a night did not sleep well, always feel to be rich, luck is so good. But second days, the old domain name Baidu included only left home page, other pages are gone, reverse repeated >

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