20 days to double traffic skills
on July 29, 2017

The three picture

I do, I have to do is counter to the pictures of the station to flow, but the flow of time of 3 months has been below 100ip, let my confidence hit a lot of information to find why I stand so little traffic. I finally summed up the three main causes of SEO do not in place, and my words related to the ranking of the site is too low to Baidu dozens or even hundreds of pages later, and then I began to do optimization, according to the following on the website for rectification

keywords location, density, processing,

Keywords appear in

URL (English)

keyword appears in the page title (1-3)

keyword tags appear in the keyword (1-3)

describes the keyword that appears in the tag (the main keyword repeats 2 times),

Naturally occurring keywords in

content —

The first and last paragraph of the

content appears keyword

The keyword

appears in the

H1 and H2 Tags

export link anchor text contains keyword

The file name of the

picture contains the keyword

The keyword

appears in the

ALT property

keyword density 6-8%

keyword bold or italic

content quality, update frequency, correlation,

original content is best, avoid by all means reproduced content

content independence, at least 30% different from other pages,

1000-2000 words, reasonable segmentation

regularly updated, preferably

per day

content focuses on the page keywords, and ZhengZhan theme

has the comment function, and the keyword

appears in the comment

import links and anchor text

high PR value site import links,

import links to content related pages


import link anchor text contains the page keyword

anchor text exists in web content,

anchor text appears around the relevant keywords

import links exist for more than 3 months,

The export link for the page where the

import link is less than 100


import link comes from a different IP address,

import links naturally increase

anchor text diversity

and so on after a few days, baidu update, traffic really rose a lot.

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