Experience of novice station establishment
on July 31, 2017

from the beginning to site now for the past year, write the new site here is the exchange of experience, not to mention education, I remember the beginning of the establishment of the heart of a lot of things are very fuzzy, what search station included, how to improve the site traffic, what kind of website can in the current network based on some very vague, I believe that many of the new owners like me.

tell me something about it:

at the beginning, the site was good or bad, the artist, positioning.. Needless to say, these people do it themselves, with new ideas and unique features. When you start, it’s important to have someone else know where you stand. No one knows it’s bullshit. Ha-ha。 I’m a bit of a bore to say that. Talking about the publicity of new sites, I also saw a lot of articles on the Internet, talking very well, start. Always use some search stations to help increase visibility. I believe that not many people in the beginning to spend money on advertising what, but certainly will not sit down to see me in the article, I am a poor webmaster, now each search station provides a free collection function, you only need new Adsense to your site to submit to OK. To facilitate everyone, I put some of the usual station included entrance finishing:

two station needless to say the webmaster can’t wait to get them included:

Baidu: http://s.www.baidu.com/search/url_submit.html

GOOGLE: http://s.www.google.com/intl/zh-CN/add_url.html

Sogou: http://s.db.sohu.com/regurl/regform.asp

TOM: http://s.search.tom.com/tools/weblog/log.php

search: http://s.d.zhongsou.com/NetSearch/pageurlrecord/frontpageurl.jsp

Love asked: http://s.www.iask.com/guest/add_url.php

: a http://s.www.yisou.com/search_submit.html source=yisou_www_hp



Boku: http://s.a>

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