Since the media several ways to quickly upgrade
on July 31, 2017

micro quotient, from the media these two concepts, is the hottest in the past two years. Micro business claims to have millions of practitioners, from the media is also a minority. Why so many people are crazy to join, a word! Jingxiaxinlai think, a lot of people out of the suit, seeing others profit, they rush on like a swarm of hornets. The result can be imagined, wait for passion to die, still be what should do?.

what kind of person is good for media?

1, can write, dare to write, no matter write good or bad, dare to express their views. From the media, not necessarily to write articles, to choose their best areas. Some people can dance, then video recording is a good choice.

2, a wide range of people. There are many kinds of voices in the world, since the media do not want to communicate with the whole world behind closed doors. Everything needs to be described with an appreciative eye to shape its value.

3, the love of learning. One from the media, people often deal with words, every day through the text to output a lot of valuable information. The stomach is out of stock and can’t hold on for a single day. Therefore, excellent people from the media, learning ability is super, while learning, while sharing.

4, human loneliness. Who do not want the fame and fortune, with millions of fans? Then success is accidental, from the media, the year three years five years No one shows any interest in, or even ten years, and people can persist?

since writing articles, the biggest achievement is the support and affirmation of others. What follows is the improvement of the spatial flow and the fixed readers. After this period of precipitation, summed up some experience for friends reference.

one, how to write an article

an article has no value, it depends on the abundance of knowledge, that is, the so-called dry goods, and to have operability.

writing an essay should be divided into three stages: preparation, conception and writing. My habit is to write at night, but I’ve been collecting material since this morning.

There are several sources of


1, watercress, know almost knowledge platform. Subscribe to technology related topics, and then pick ideas that you can absorb.

2, hot news. If an article is associated with hot spots, it will be easier to attract popularity.

3, Baidu, 360 search. Enter a keyword, all the relevant information at a glance. Every time you search, you find something new.

4, A5, Ai Rui, speed is a webmaster class website, my articles are often in the above contribution. Gathered a large number of network business information, you can learn from the experience shared by peers.

5, buddy dynamics. At present, QQ space is rampant from the media, and it can also capture some materials.

6, chat with others.


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