Some suggestions for the student stationmaster
on July 31, 2017

              really are small, if you are a student of words, if you have a few minutes to spare time, may wish to read this article, see if there is a little help. Definition: my students here is relatively narrow, my understanding is: more than 16 years of age, in the domestic colleges and universities in the school student in college, vocational technical school, undergraduate and graduate students. As long as you are in the domestic school students, as long as you do a serious station, can be summed up as the ranks of student leaders.

         ;       student webmaster features:

first can’t devote all his heart into

you have to remember that you are a student, your task is to learn, if anyone wants to argue, I don’t study, I’ll do that station, your identity is changed, became a full-time webmaster, most people are missing. The true student stationmaster, the academic pressure is still very large, it will encounter a lot of very strange phenomenon, I saw a student stationmaster, their second and third forum, almost every day to do not go to school, station, to do publicity, global forum, talk about cooperation, resources, but by the fourth, in order to get a degree C, at the forum closed, every day the library to find information, make-up, find a teacher.

second lack funds,

is really no money, at least most of the students are not what money webmaster, flat-share server?!? Admin5! Domain name? CN of it, I heard 1 yuan! No wonder, every month the hundreds of living expenses, do not go out every day, doing part-time work time, where the money? And students’ thinking, as if to Wangzhuan is very weak.

third, interest determines everything, passion is greater than persistence,

35 friends, drink, not careful when it comes to what field, immediately inspired, open up! The template set of background, collection, open forum, spent half a month, and then fix! That is very busy, and slowly give up. Here are some of my personal suggestions. If you don’t feel good, you can’t read it:

(1) do what you’re good at, and try something you’re not good at,

this sentence is not very contradictory? It is very contradictory, but in the student webmaster, there is no contradiction, why? You know what students do stand, select the most content? Most students do, what is the student station! The college student union, the University Alliance, this name, almost all the students to do the personal station. Why? Because students know something, almost is the student field, so this student standing is more common, more than this industry competition is no easier than other industries. Broaden your horizons a lot

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