Novice webmaster how fast pseudo original
on August 1, 2017

if you are not newbie, skip.

the content of a web site determines most station traffic, but for the novice webmaster, write a few original no problem, but every day to write several articles? Every day of the original article is not so easy? The original article is not good? Find? This is presumably novice webmaster biggest confusion. Content is king said N, the younger brother to contribute his summary of some original methods, hoping to inspire.

for the novice webmaster

site to do out simple, but was included in the baidu is not simple, original content helps Baidu quickly included.

the first method: staggered intersection

new sites have not many people visit (except yourself), then indexed by Baidu is not afraid of quality problems before the content, since the baidu love original, let’s give it a copy of the original, first article, modify the title such as "strange frog ultrasonic exchange can be" changed to "have you seen the ultrasonic exchange frog? Dudu leaf" or "ultrasonic exchange frog is what" fully evoke curious netizens heart. Here is the content, the middle of the front, in the content of the last part of a blind about 50 words, so there is a 150 word the original article, or the order to achieve the purpose. In paragraph indexed by Baidu basically not many people visit. Similar to

second methods: transfer replication,

can create a column in the website called " other essays "call in the home of the most difficult points to the part, but must let the spider can climb to the Baidu. The content has nothing to do with the site, but must be original! Original content can go to blog, like Sohu, 163 N original is a search a lot every day about 5 articles can do not much more will cause the error to the web content orientation Baidu spider. I pro test a month with this method one day significantly improved site home page is not the first problem, with 10 days to improve the home page snapshot not update, 30 days after the weight increased significantly (page ranking! True, false non my Q stand PR2 included normal weight connection exchange link q510120427)

third methods: material stimulation,

if your site is QQ type station, hit " in the home; the sharing of non repetitive QQ resources reward qb" activity, do not underestimate the power of QB, 90 GG mm, who is very fond of this, 10qb can change to 100-500 article (deduction amount, article member award QB is it a random pattern etc.)


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