Crooked nut said investment domain name can not forget the terminal
on August 2, 2017

introduction: this year, 4 initials, 4 letters and 6 numbers and other varieties of domain name "outbreak", so that China’s domain name investors crazy. It has also led to a rise in both the digital meter and the letter meter Market in the global domain name market. Believe that many previous research focused on domain names, relying on the terminal "one meter hair" domain name investors will be confused. Faced with the same confusion, the foreign domain name market friends also gave their own "cold" thinking". Here are the details.

"if at this time last year, I would never consider buying a 6, 7, or 8 digital domain name. Nor would you consider investing in the 4 – letter domain with the letters’ Z ‘and’ Q ‘, nor would you think of buying the 4 – letter.Net domain name. (but now things have changed.)

yes, the domain name market is experiencing a rapid and tremendous change, and the root of this change lies in Chinese domain name investor. Because they, the most popular domain name varieties into the 4 letter.Com domain name, 5 letter.Com domain name, 4 letter.Net domain name, and characters from 4 to 6 digits in the domain name. It seems that overnight, letters (domains) change from nothing to mean everything.

these related domain name investment transactions are growing rapidly. Take me for example. I bought some 4 – letter domains about two weeks ago. Now, I have sold quite a lot, sold at double the amount of the purchase. I can’t think of any other investment sector (such a huge profit margin) that would give you double investment returns in just 14 days. Also, I hope this situation will last for a long time.

but I want to remind is, all the words (equivalent to the domestic.Com domain name Dan Pin), vocabulary (equivalent to the domestic double).Com domain name search and high rate of the phrase domain, still have their own value. Now they are not a popular domain name investment, but that doesn’t mean they have no investment value.

over the years, these domain names have always had a solid investment value, and I think they will still have investment value in the next few years. The value return comes not from reselling to another investor in a few weeks, but from the end business, from the end user who is willing to get a good name at any cost.


China will occupy the domain news headlines, this is a frequently market background, but the terminal enterprises to upgrade their domain name, or looking for ways to improve their online marketing potential demand is not reduced. Just yesterday, Mike Berkens announced that it would sell at $6750. I’m pretty sure this is not what Chinese domain name investors do.

although this domain name transaction may be less attractive as a news headline, it has earned $3 million with Frank Schilling by selling 4 letter domains in packs

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