My dream is to have a website of my own
on August 3, 2017

dates back to 2001, and I just entered high school in 2001. Because junior high school grades are not very good, I entered a town middle school, because the town teaching conditions are too bad, I accept computer knowledge is very little. School computer class also do not pay attention to, in school I like computer, ha ha. At that time, the computer also got a good test. My friend is different, he was junior high school is my monitor, good grades, admitted to the county high school to study. Over there, he went to the library to study computer knowledge in his spare time. In the 2002 computer, he knew that all of them had reached the third level. Some Internet cafes were missing and they didn’t use the internet. We were good friends, so we communicated with each other by letter. Our school is not allowed to leave the school, very strict yo. I didn’t have QQ then. To senior three, there is only one, and now do not know who is in hand, also can not remember. High school entrance, even if a computer professional. Teach oneself to mathematics is not good, or reported a liberal arts professional. E-commerce has been chosen. I volunteered and filled the profession.

undergraduate did not pass the exam, it is a professional. Oh, yes, it’s my favorite subject. I’ll read it. Parents are also very open, support me to go. Tell me it’s good to read more books. I will go in disorderly fashion in the school, I don’t really love those every day, but also want to play truant. I went shopping when I wasn’t, and my friend said I could walk. How long do you feel tired?. I can’t help it. I don’t know how that happened in college. I like shopping very much and I also like to eat. That’s the nature of a girl. What about my friends? They work at universities. Although I didn’t read that major, I was still learning network knowledge. Usually have a website, tell me, ask me to help him promotion. I was in the school is propagandist, usually will organize the activities of the members. In school, I also like to play people. Everyone recommended me then. I don’t know much about the website promotion, then my junior high school students told me how to do it. Send information to the group. Blog. Oral propaganda. He is my respect and my good friend. I can’t help it. Just a little publicity.

later, the school opened a web design course, and I listened to it very carefully. Because I also want to have a website of my own. That’s what I want to be a women’s website. Study hard, the class will not escape. Later, while studying, let my friend to hand me how to do?. Yes, I still don’t know how to do it. I was only able to do the static. But it’s not pretty. So I can’t do it myself. Then think about it, I have to learn to do simple drawing, otherwise, a website is too ugly, no one appreciate. Girls around me are not interested in the site, and no one to help me. They will play dance. Later, I learned PS online. I took some tutorials, but I didn’t see much of it. I just learned a little bit of fur. General or meeting point?. In this way, I set foot on the road to build the station. In the school also established a ASP small station, and then to graduate, and not much time to do. The space expired, so it died. It was then

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