We should not be held
on August 3, 2017


formed a clear goal when everyone is not genius, also difficult to justify, but he was speechless after, still can stick to my intuition. The mediocre man can only take protective measures, fuzzy processing business direction, set aside the possibility for future development.

most of the Internet companies have lost direction, including the so-called "success" of the Internet Co in fact has not been finalized, but successfully listed, find better financing channels. Generally speaking, can use "debauch" four words make stage summary of universal network, find the risk investment, spend money desperately, then NASDAQ snow withered, but now under the moon looked at the vast expanse, nowhere to go.

do not know the direction of the three cases, the first business purpose is to do a startup, and then sold to cash, they know what you want, just don’t know what the next to the wind blowing. If the market is popular B2C, they do B2C, pop B2B, do B2B, as long as the prevalence of what they do. However, in the venture capital itself has no direction, selling company masters, let them seventy-two change, everything is master, also be at a loss what to do. Of course, to the media, every CEO vowed, showing the company has unlimited possibilities for development, for future decision transfer foreshadowed. Many of the early venture investors love to play this game, this "mic" model although do what big companies can make money, after all.

second I do not know the direction, belongs to the student startups, they often rely on a creative product started, but when the products come out, because of the lack of business experience, you can face the product in a daze. Sometimes, they obviously feel that the market is located, that is, do not know how to open up, and obviously know that there are consumers, but do not know how to persuade them to buy. Including a large number of "sea turtles" (Overseas) entrepreneurial companies, no matter how well read MBA, to China droller the characteristics of the market economy, only the concept of waving flag, the target area of their packaging can not be reached, to depict the future investors. And face the current income requirements, and no shelf, please traditional enterprise operators into the management, and they will eventually become a bubble.

third is a direction, but the direction is too much, what all want, from infrastructure to ISP, ICP, PC, PDA, spare parts and so on the Internet to do things, including web portals, e-commerce platform, ASP. As a result, take all the result is all over the mouth – the mouth of the wound.

as you know, you want everything and you can’t do anything in the end. They will be in each field encountered strong professional competitors, one can not play under the war and fled. For such enterprises, was also not the most terrible, that means or in different markets. "

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