How do do more than 2 months Baidu included tens of thousands
on August 5, 2017

in the Admin5 talk about my website for more than 2 months included Baidu from 1 to more than ten thousand, from IP to 2000, PV from more than 20 thousand to Google, income from one to one dollar at present; but some users do not trust, I delivered my aim was to communicate with you, now I will tell you I with the hope that we gain.

March 2nd my Xuan formally restored management and promotion network, officially started.

most basic condition

1: forums require huge data to disguise

Do not do

forum data will not feel content, before I first borrowed my bank data tree forum, forum theme of tens of thousands of dazzling look. This is not difficult for the webmaster, the network has a lot of code to the database, find a suitable for you to obtain data is not complicated.

two: there are forums, but also stores,


forum, but also store, looks normal station, I made a stand with Dede, the start date is 0, the first day I put the page data filled, it looks a lot of content is less than 60 of the total content.

development is the last word,

1: fast included

I talk about how I do, to find a good forum or website weight high connection, my station only seems to be included in three days. At present I have to BBS is also good, new sites did not included in my station connection, only a few days included more than 10 pages. (see the fortune teller on the forum.)

two: fast mass included

1, I read some promotional articles, I spent 50 yuan on Witkey, each task must appear I got the name and connection, but only three blog, a blog for a task 1 yuan; why the blog is because the blog can guarantee will not be deleted, I received a total of 50 yuan 150 the content of publicity.

2, everywhere registration forum, do signature, irrigation everywhere, get the cheapest outside price; this is not to flow, but to make the search engine to their favor.

3, someone said that the different classes of different harvest, my promotion belonging to the bottom, so I started to walk the middle class; I need special instructions, I summarize this very important, a station must have at least two columns are Links.

I began to carry out the relevant standing on the forum, I have now joined the more than 60, I never choose what PR is, as long as I stand and the same type of pr=0, Baidu included 0 I have Links; I see that Baidu may reflect most real Links. So the only shortcoming, Google included, has not been high.

homepage, I also started a lot of friendship links, this quality is slightly high, the only difference is Baidu included, this place I’ve done about

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