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on August 6, 2017

in order to complete the report, Molik to 65326 Kickstarter entrepreneurs to send the online questionnaire raising more than $1000, in addition, he also investigated those entrepreneurs who raise money under $1000 and many of the regular participation of the congregation raised gold master.

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through the survey, Molik found that 37% of entrepreneurs believe that Kickstarter helps their career development, while 19% of respondents believe that Kickstarter help them find a new job.

said: "Kickstarter has made remarkable achievements in recent years, and it is an important platform for people to pursue their dreams."."

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Phoenix Technology News Beijing on July 29th news, according to technology website Mashable reports, if you are familiar with the industry to raise the public, it must have heard the name Kickstarter, which was founded in April 2009, the company is to raise the public industry originator. And now the world famous Oculus company, in front of Zuckerberg’s income capsule, but also from the Kickstarter platform started.

Oculus is just one of the classic examples of Kickstarter, though not all companies are attracted to the super giants, but good ideas always shine.

this month at the beginning of the month, assistant professor Molik Walton business school published the history of the first comprehensive research report for Kickstarter. For every $1 raised, entrepreneurs could produce $2.46, according to the report. Since its inception, Kickstarter has created an output value of $5 billion 300 million.

, of course, not everyone can make a great name in Kickstarter

in addition, the survey shows that of every one thousand successful Kickstarter companies, 190 founders have more than 82 full-time employees.

The success of

, Oculus founder Palmer · Rudge received a $2 million 400 thousand investment, the investment is also let Rudge developed early Rift, and finally by Zuckerberg’s favor the purchase price of $2 billion. At present, Oculus has become a big company with more than 400 employees, the first high-end VR headset Oculus Rift has been on sale for a long time.

in addition, the data show that since its inception, Kickstarter has created 283 thousand part-time jobs and 29 thousand and 600 full-time jobs, the company started on its platform reached 8800.

After landing Kickstarter

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