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on August 6, 2017

2. team number around 10,

well, I went to the bank to get, people always say the name is wrong, then I make a phone call to ask how to do they call Western Union, told me that the money can be extracted to determine the salesman No. 248, two days, I went to the bank to say this, the agricultural Bank of China said that the name or not, ha ha.

minimalist gameplay is tight, but the gameplay isn’t long. Usually about five minutes. And because it is a text type reply game, so it has the characteristics of fragmentation of time. This game is not just a simple game back selection items, in the reasoning project, it also requires game player free recovery based on clues, fully use the brain cells by passive selection into active game player game player input.

is currently in the cumulative user phase, the profit model may be advertising or props sales, etc.

1.2013, 04, 17 · minimalist game product on-line

post can not take the agricultural bank can not take, how to do ah? Are there any friends in Liuzhou encountered this problem, please give guidance to 376727222

recently, the Liuzhou postal service can not lose the Western Union’s remittance service, because it is said that the system upgrade.

below are some wonderful ideas:

1. game combined with WeChat public account, no need to download and login


3. games are mainly reasoning based

project features:

business model:

more exciting content, please click: home.itchaguan/thread-13861-1-1.html

Jian Feng: at present, WeChat is active in the WeChat game platform, ahead of WeChat layout is a good choice and opportunities. As an individual user, the expectation of WeChat games is simple and interesting.

Bo recipe: the principle is to imitate the previous text online game ZMUD, but that time has passed, and now all like to play webgame or mobile games, not very optimistic about this direction.

project progress:

Project Profile:

editor’s comment: look at the address below. Can I help you? Good luck,


2. game uses text reply game, let each player take the initiative to integrate into the game



zzz8613651: WeChat this platform, through the platform import the number of users is guaranteed, the game "heavy" is easier to make money. As for the subject in the subject added content mentioned in the elimination category, Dezhou poker and other so-called "light" of the game, on the platform will not be less. And two days before the news broke out from various channels also shows the existence of such games: Tencent, WeChat platform, three self research tour hand was exposed, "game grand view.". As far as I know, the new games on the KAKAO platform are becoming more and more "heavy", but the games on Line are all casual "light" games.

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