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on August 7, 2017

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2. overnight riches don’t exist.

does not have two identical eggs. On this earth, no one is the same. Everything has its own unique side, and even a little bit of difference between you and your competitors will get you the upper hand. But the question is, how do you focus on the difference,

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3. no business is the same, including your competitors.

Beijing Fengli Mdt InfoTech Ltd was founded in June 2004, green entertainment of its core products;

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otherwise, we’ll all be millionaires, and we won’t start a business.

, as an entrepreneur, I have to make a few complaints about the business community here,

5. adaptation and adjustment are key to success:

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1 no one, a group, a VC company, an investor, an organization, a book, or a theory can answer the question of how to build a successful company.

2 must be put in audited by the domain name, otherwise the effect is not statistically.

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put the rules:

yes, you may have heard last night that a company has been a great success, but believe, in fact, they have experienced much more struggles than you think.

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don’t be so concerned with these five points. It’s just an idea that entrepreneurs share with you.

the biggest problem of business failure, often not creative ideas wrong, but execution is not enough. Test the market, test the products, continuously improve and upgrade the products. If you don’t believe me, then listen to what Edison said. "I didn’t fail ten thousand times. I didn’t fail at one time, because I proved that 10 thousand methods were ineffective.". When I rule out these ineffective ways, I can find my way to success."


, anonymous entrepreneur, is a weekly Pandodaily series that comes from the hands-on experiences of start-ups, founders and investors in the process of starting a business and investing. This issue reads as follows:

as an entrepreneur, you are bound to make mistakes and learn from them. No one will tell you how to start, someone will give you some advice, teach you some theory, but in reality, entrepreneurship is like a child growing up, no matter how many times parents told you not to touch a hot pot, but unless you really meet, know never to touch.


4. entrepreneurship is not taught:

green entertainment network qyule/ is a leading online video website; and every video on demand is the most largest domestic video website visitors; and DV is the domestic video original author first upload mechanism; initiated the "non authoritative entertainment", trying to break the traditional authority entertainment situation, follow the popular entertainment, personalized folk the trend of.

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