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on August 7, 2017

for a series of uncontrollable, I collectively referred to as skills. And now I recommend these Wangzhuan site, you do these projects, methods to learn skills are not even the most. So why should I recommend these items? I just want to let you know there is such a method, and for those who do not live in Wangzhuan is part-time people, like good part-time work.

Wangzhuan do to a certain extent, you will understand that this is a higher skill, not worth I put too much precious time to do this work. Now I spend about 2 hours in 1 hours above Wangzhuan, my blog, one hour to explore their own love Wangzhuan project. Some friends will ask, "then how can you visit so many blogs every day? Many times I think I can do it myself without having to do it myself.". Blog visits, many times I’m not doing it myself. I gave it to my next customer service clerk in the warehouse. He had a lot of free time every day, and he knew a lot about the internet. I pay an extra 50 yuan a day to help me do some blog visits, forums, promotion, and some other popular ways of promotion. He was content with the extra reward. And I’d be happy to pay $50, which means I have more discretionary time each day.

because of outdated areas are MJJ Laoniao, you will not see him, he could knock you hard half keyboard   I am proud to float. R: or something new, – and there are many new owners, be honest, the first station can immediately return the.
                a: can you do stand firm confidence in the first harvest, you may not easily give up
                two: you can reduce the initial investment, after all the money not many people are still HOHO,
                three: the website built up is not an easy thing, need a lot of professional knowledge, you can not understand the short time, you might not even know where to start, then I suggest you first 做一个垃圾站吧,用最少的时间,最低的投入,最快的速度,跨出你的第一部
     一:你先注册一个顶米:有不少人是用二级米搞垃圾站,晕,本人不感冒,顶米不管是在收录,解析,或者给人感觉都是有优势的,不要以为垃圾站就是那些 ××站,真的有那么垃圾这里有必要说说: 我介绍的垃圾站么种意义来说你并不感觉他垃圾 ,:我绝对不宣传挂马,病毒,强奸网友IE的勾当的 "垃圾站",   扯远了,其实一句话,做站别省米钱,做垃圾站也别省! 虽然垃圾站容易被K,但是你别心疼,如果你被K掉了10个以上的米 Continue to do that, let me congratulate you, you have a little road, HOHO, what is not to need to cost? – but you don’t pay the price, your garbage meters is not K, then I can say that you have not done sh419 intolerable, although sh419 what K stood no reason, but he is definitely the most K large flow of stuff, you MJJ one day a few hundred IP, you want to K it, ha ha, also after you flow up. Don’t forget to put advertising, advertising for what I’ll post, as long as you flow large enough you can recover all the investment in January, is to make sure that Laoniao, oh.K K >.



has posted two posts about sh419 encyclopedia at home, and has been asked about the techniques. Indeed, sh419 encyclopedia is a good publicity tool. I also frequently to some popular entries: "network money", "online part-time" extended reading place, add gold station related web site. The effect is also very good, almost every day there are 400500IP. But I have been very concerned about this, and later even willing to spend 50 yuan to call someone else to add, and I do not want to earn 50 yuan, why

skill evolution technology

for the project we can understand this, if you have a Wangzhuan play through it, summarizes some methods of their own experience, so called these preliminary skills. Further study of the technology, and it sort out a set of templates, to exclude uncontrollable factors, everyone can learn a set of programs, which can be called technology. This is not inconsistent with the point of view I have mentioned about my skills. This is only one of mine

I can use more time to learn more techniques. For skills. I have a basic understanding of it. I know it’s good. I won’t go into it. Many of our common publicity methods simply stay at the technical level. Such as Q & a website promotion, SEO, BBS promotion, etc., these are not we can control. Which day sh419 rules changed, which day forum delete your post, which day sh419 does not include your site?.

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