A new idea of Shanghai dragon news triggered
on August 11, 2017

content is the most important media to attract customers, this is our ultimate goal will be to our customers, so the content must be true and meaningful, we can give customers what they need, from.

1) the title of

when the "old man of his son and his girlfriend candid sex this news, could not help but point into a look, this is a news too hot, it is a psychological quirk, let us feel unbelievable; yibaoyanfu two was stately, Why not??

every Shanghai dragon is not how long how long your site to do the first page first, let us not overcome many counterparts ranked before, this is not a sense of achievement for us, because this is our mission and responsibility.

how to make marketing and promotion of our guards can reach this realm, we are not Internet marketer, we are a step down and porters, how to make our goods appear berserk situation in

1, analysis of customer. We bring the user to do the final purpose of Shanghai dragon, don’t forget to retain customers. So we need to understand our customers what they have, what hobbies, what they care about you, only the analysis of their characteristics, you can be an antidote against the disease. For example, we built more science and technology, the business scope of PC station, network promotion, our customers are those enterprises BOSS, AdSense and some want to be owners of the crowd, eventually locked in the BOSS above, then we need to analyze the characteristics, these BOSS patterns of life and hobbies

2 content.


The content of


is the highest realm we create news, the keywords of their soft push for the love of Shanghai hot words, this is a very rewarding thing for each Shanghai dragon ER, as we solve a sleepy math we all night, it did not have to say.

Lvon see this news, the same temptation, crazy open several websites browsed, and satisfy their curiosity after in meditation. (note that this may be the occupation disease lvon, always think to see the news and the Shanghai dragon Association)

reached the top of the mountain?

an attractive title is you can bring much traffic, so you need to know now what users are most concerned about, what to pay attention to what the novel? Like 17 years to do it in the end or not? Is actually a child about to play the elevator in all floors all button according to the simple things bright, has attracted a lot of people watching and discussing, this is the meaning of Title selection.

lvon now to give you an analysis,

The highest level of

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