Luna chubby Shanghai Longfeng coordinated operation of the operation of the programmer
on August 11, 2017


programmer’s role can not be underestimated.

Because many ?

programmers now, I think is to do the program, Shanghai Longfeng submitted in accordance with the problem, I like to modify it, do not need to add my personal idea, if you now have this idea, OK, you have out, please leave us Shanghai dragon team, because you will become an evil member of the herd.

for the increasingly sophisticated network world, network publicity has occupied an important position, the enterprise publicity however, in addition to the high bid, relative to the 90% enterprise users choose the website optimization Shanghai Dragon – that is what we say, but want to do website optimization is not only the Shanghai dragon a person can complete, because it is now gradually from personal combat to the combat team, and will be the trend, on the basis of today – Luna fat to help combat the programmer.

this is needless to say, because the programmer is the site the protagonist, but the protagonist has now been replaced by the CMS system more and more, and good programmers will still be through the optimization of encoding technology, use of the system will be very skilled in the website source code should be optimized for the place to do a very detailed, such as the path to the web site anchor text, keywords, description of interception, and even describe the picture text, automatically recommend related articles, micro-blog updates automatically, has powerful functions, let these programmers get the value reflected in the technology and capacity, so we can not underestimate the power of the programmer, the programmer must understand the premise of how to do.

programmer is no longer a general occupation.

with the development of network, division of labor, which has a share of Shanghai dragon circle refinement, and the programmer will continue to refine the business inside, because some enterprises need accurate user experience, and establish a framework for Dede system, skilled operation, and these need to be skilled in talent, rather than what kind of language can understand, grasp the programmer full.

will require the programmer to master, not only, more creative with their own experience, because the team is healthy and rapid growth of each member can be excellent, too strong. Good programmer is not difficult, but do have excellent team programmers need to Study hard, her chubby feeling, hoping to help more colleagues to progress together, starting Adsense nets, reprint marker ht>

because the programmer is a key member of the team, a big tree and not independent, so we don’t need a prickly rose, because the grass is much easier to deal with sand, so if you want to be more powerful, it would take you to highlight the good advantage in the team! And this is not just a program. Need more user experience, website structure, website static, website design and other details.

: the programmer is not just to improve the program.

A: the Don’t ask why

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