After love Shanghai launch your algorithm Scindapsus Shanghai dragon plans change
on August 11, 2017


love Shanghai combat the promotion of soft paper, then, we can write some soft Wen, the less number of points. If you love Shanghai against reproduction, we don’t go to reprint articles others link with their own. If you love Shanghai to combat spam messages, the forum replies, so we can answer a sincere message. If love is a sign that Shanghai garbage outside the chain. Then we might also be able to do less. Because of love, since Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm after the launch, there are still people who do the signature of the chain. If not, why there are still people to do. In fact, love Shanghai hit the signature of the chain is that the mass message software and some spam messages, for example, good support, etc.. In fact, we can carefully read the article, then their own reading experience to write, this signature is not very good. If you fall in love with the sea really even this signature chain are blocked, I can only say to love Shanghai Speechless.

so, a green algorithm love Shanghai so that we get out of step. We should get down to consider what love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm is what mean. In the end is what kind of combat chain.


from yesterday, knowing that love Shanghai began to crack down the chain of garbage. I began to change their strategy of Shanghai dragon. I have to write original articles a day yesterday, the chain do less. A5 also began to contribute. To have nothing to write. But today’s own thought, by the original light or not. A website only depends on the content of what may have good rankings, like spiders have good food it does not know how it come to our site to grab

so, we Shanghai Longfeng plan can not be changed, or the same as before. To update the site, do not reprint the best original articles and other articles. Then go to the chain. The chain to diversity, not only do the chain on a web site. And the chain is also to diversity. Don’t do too much. And the high quality, the low quality of the chain have to do.


of course, since the love of Shanghai launched Scindapsus algorithm, but also pointed out the need to work hard on the user experience. Of course, we can not love Shanghai, try to put in the user experience, the original article more work. The chain can also do less. However, can not do.


algorithm 2 love Shanghai green promotion, many people began to panic, all know love is Shanghai began to crack down on the soft, blow the chain. Begin to pay attention to the user experience. Many people began to worry about the way Shanghai dragon how to continue?


signature can not be done, the classification of information network can not be done, do not ask, this is obviously the people I love Shanghai to the webmaster to death. Others worry, worry about myself. I only know Shanghai Longfeng optimization in addition to update the site every day to do the chain. What can I do? If the chain can not do. How can I do website ranking. How to improve the weight of the website

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