Analysis of the relationship between the structure and the weights of the site link
on August 11, 2017


similarly to how to allocate water to farmers plant, we can find a good site structure can help link weights to all the web pages you, help them to have a good ranking. The most common problem of the site structure and behavior can be seen as the dam, all link weights are blocked in the front page of the site, does not allow its sub categories and content pages link weight distribution. Recently, our customers have a problem. They have a direct link to the thousands of them ", but they did not have the site index assigned to sub categories and content pages link weight distribution. This is because when they were no good web framework, resulting in a large number of link weight on home page. Therefore, not only to get high quality links to your site, do website construction to achieve the distribution of link weight is more important, so all the pages of the site has good rankings.

and link weight link weight and website architecture


before we go on, we need to understand how to build the link weight (link juice). Link to your web site, they will share the weight of the site and you. If this is to vote, link to your web site is like a vote. All site links to the site of the weight distribution of you as we called link weight. Imagine a site as a tree, it can be said that the link weight of irrigation water. As the plants need water, need a website link weight as growth must be water, can be ranked in the search results page. Lack of water will cause the plants wither and die. If the same hinder its ranking in the search results may not even be indexed by search engines lack a site link weight would.

site structure is an important part of the overall strategy of the Shanghai dragon. The site structure has a lot of knowledge, which includes two independent views, both on the website of the Shanghai dragon have important influence. The first point is to pay attention to the user and the user’s requirements, we often say that the user experience. Another is to pay attention to search engine spiders and link weight (link juice), I will explain what is below link weights, and he played in the search engine optimization role. According to the survey, there is a direct relationship between the two. When the user experience improvement, will be assigned to the link weights, and vice versa. In this article the author will mainly through several metaphors to explain what is the relationship between

I hope that through my analogy to help you grasp the concept of link weight, and its relationship with website architecture. The Ningbo decoration nets 贵族宝贝0574zsw贵族宝贝 feeds, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you

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