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on August 12, 2017

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is not just LBS, the big part of mobile Internet product entrepreneurship – social and sharing, too, facing the despair of oversupply. In this case the deaths this year more: imitation of the path bit, the stranger social flash together, random voice products and so on…… Similarly, when these products are discontinued, they can not be said to be short of money, but they have not been able to see any possible increase. Not only does not have the future, even now has lost.

in fact, Taobao customers are really working. It’s the same thing as selling things at the mall. I recommend something suitable for you, if you feel the right to buy, and then I make a profit from it. This is a normal, no longer normal process of buying and selling. But why isn’t this process on the Internet the same? I choose goods for customers, customers buy, and I make profit from Taobao merchants. This is actually a similar process. As we all know, business is about a good faith, as Taobao customers, we must select the most suitable for customers and the most affordable goods, so as to obtain the trust of customers. I’ve seen some Taobao customers grab the Commission of up to 50% of the goods and recommend them to the customers. Of course, they’re very attractive. But when the customer buys it, if he finds the difference between the goods and the imagination, imagine who he was the first to think of, and of course the person who recommended it to him. So, will you be back next time? So I say, to be a Taobao customer is to be honest, and let the customer know what your purpose is and build a sense of trust with your customers. In this way, customers will still think of you when you have something to buy,

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as it is known, Taobao has become more and more popular. Whether you’re a businessman, a buyer, or a thoroughly Taobao promoter. The term "Taobao" has become more and more familiar to more people. In this case, before that kind of mysterious promotion way still useful,

every year, every industry has countless new projects, new products born, there are countless items of normal or unnatural death. This is the most normal thing in nature. But in the mobile internet field, 2012 seems to be somewhat different.

so, the Taobao is getting more and more popular today. Do not imagine that you can get rich overnight, this is actually a business process, as long as you find the right way, and its income is directly proportional to your pay. Come on, Taobao,

2012 mobile Internet death Top1: desperation

opens a question and answer network, literally visible, is Taobao customers soliciting advertising. Some are subtle and some are stark naked. Of course, customers don’t know the secret, open, record Cookie, buy…… The seemingly smooth process is becoming more and more difficult to implement. Because with the popularity of Taobao customers, more and more Taobao buyers are aware of the existence of Taobao customers. So they usually go to ALMM first, look at the Commission of the product, and then consider the question of buying. I’m not alarmist, but now more and more people are doing it. In this case, we Taobao customers will change tactics.


despair permeates almost every corner of the mobile Internet product venture. This year, the direct fuse of the mobile Internet outbreak is the outbreak of intelligent mobile devices. Because of the change of change leading this trend is not the user needs or social structure, so too low or even negative producer surplus in 2012 followed by the mobile Internet entrepreneurs, this phenomenon is popularly called the red sea.

software and hardware integration of mobile terminals also despair, from the Ministry of information show that in 2011 China’s mobile phone shipments reached 1 billion 130 million units, in 2012 this figure may exceed 1 billion 400 million. There are more than 200> registered smartphone brands

this situation is particularly evident in pure LBS class applications. In November 8th this year, NetEase announced that the eight parties to stop the dissolution of the service team, has become a representative of the death case in this area. In fact, dozens of Chinese location sharing products born in the last two years affected by foursquare have basically entered the same state of death or dying this year. For example, the grand cut off, although the project is still there, but has been shelved, and closed as the same. The leader of this field is facing a more embarrassing situation: capital adequacy, the number of users and content are growing, but the business has been unable to break through. This is a very uncomfortable feeling of despair: when walking in the broad road, and then suddenly it came to an end. In the third quarter of this year, the street made a lot of internal and external attempts to maintain the confidence of all parties, but its CEO, Liu and David, had to admit, "the street side model is not clear."".

finally, let’s talk about the promotion route of Taobao customers. Also saw many Taobao customers hang buy the website program, no matter how to ask every day, no one to buy the problem. Here again the mall to sell things, you open a shop, but no one knows, so there will be one to buy? So, you have the enthusiasm, and for the sake of customers, but no customer, you are not anxious? I recommend this site +BLOG+ double programses + friends the way of publicity and sales team


statistics, nearly 2000 of this year to stop updating mobile Internet applications projects, of which more than 50% is the first on-line this year, that is, the survival time is not more than a year. Compared with the previous flawed financial or technical faults died much less. Thanks to the rise of the early investment and financing industry, mobile Internet start-ups ecological than any previous era is mature, standardized many. Entrepreneurs are less risky than they used to be, and that does not mean that success rates will improve. When money and people are not the problem, despair becomes the biggest problem.

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