How that included mechanism to elevate the amount included love Shanghai
on August 12, 2017

love Shanghai search engine has a commonly known as the "spider" automatic program (English name is "Baiduspider"), its role is to visit on the Internet web pages, pictures, videos and other content, establish the index database, users can search in the search engine in Shanghai love to your web pages, pictures, video etc. content. The basic working principle of the search engine comprises the following three steps: first on the Internet found, collect web information; at the same time, the information extraction and indexing organization; then the search query keywords according to user input, fast detection document library in the index, the related evaluation document and query, sort of will the output, and the query results returned to the user.

, the "spider" work


as the world’s largest Chinese search engine, the face alone to deal with Chinese website currently there are millions, then the number of website pages like the stars in the sky. Now from the scientific point of view to a hypothesis, since love Shanghai "spider" called for the automatic program, so be more advanced things (like the robots of the future as more and more intelligent), so that they can automatically determine the page content captured in the end there is no use, some words on the data directly in his pocket, and then according to the current page links to climb to the new page to cycle to capture, until filled his pockets with the information back to the server through a series of more professional calculation to compare…… To determine whether to formally included in the database. The whole process is in accordance with the preset collector, acquisition rules, and then the filter does not conform to the rules of information.

2, may be judged will be included in the database information >

speculated that the mechanism included love Shanghai to understand the principle of


1, "spider" is just too collector, is advanced.

site to get good flow in the search engine, we must improve the site included, potential keywords to station page more as far as possible in the search rankings to occupy a space for one person. Domestic websites generally target the Shanghai market is the Dragon love Shanghai search engine, but the station in the end will be found, in addition to your home page, scanty station. Why it is not just the inside pages included us? Many websites have been common practice is the primary key in their home and then at the station, using the acquisition or machine to add some articles out of order, purpose is to maintain the site in Shanghai snapshot date "freshness" (Sun Xiao Zhai blog that this is nothing the meaning of things) – Internet car chaos never stopped and development today, I think this is now the leading search engines are no longer included "just cause. How to make the information more pages love Shanghai included in your site, you must search engines from the perspective of mechanism.

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