How hackers invade your website
on August 12, 2017

1.DNS (A, NS, TXT records, MX and SOA)

3. domain name registration information (which owns the domain name


EMAILThe operation of

IP address: – this is our target server IP address.

web server (Apache, IIS, Tomcat)


7. server open ports (80443,21,

If your site is



: hack-test贵族宝贝


We got a

let’s check the type of web server:

6. server (Unix, Linux, Windows, Solaris)


Same IP

5. on your website script type (PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, CFM)

your name, address, and telephone

there are 26 sites on this server ( Many hackers will choose different sites on the same server attack and intrusion into your site. But for the purpose of learning, we just chose to invade your server. can help us to find the other server binding domain name:

site DNS record:

we need to get information from your site:

this is a difficult question to answer, simply speaking, the invasion of a web site can have many kinds of methods. The purpose of this paper is to show the hackers used scanning and intrusion technology website.

)4. The type of operating system , etc.) 2. types of

we can see that the web server is using Apache. we will later.

26 sites hosted on IP Address

now let us site to find DNS records. Select the site "" to achieve this goal.

We found that the

let’s Ping the server:

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