A complete solution including what factors in Shanghai Dragon
on August 12, 2017

called, baizhanbudai, is practical for many industries, after analyzing the words, we are going to analyze the competition site conditions of the opponent, we look at how big the gap, be aware of some of the main Shanghai Longfeng analysis of the web site, for example, included in the site scale, the PR value, domain name age, the domain name have you ever done any other station, the content of the site layout, the main content of the source, the original, and nofollow, etc., in the station anchor text and brand awareness, are to be recorded.

4, Shanghai dragon target

whether it is our own optimizing a website, or help others to optimize your website at the beginning before, need a relatively complete Shanghai Longfeng scheme as a general guide, with this scheme, we can begin to follow the prescribed order of Shanghai Longfeng optimization work, then we should be how to write it, a relatively perfect Shanghai dragon plan

Shanghai Longfeng

through the above steps, you’re on your own website, and rival sites are basically a better understanding, next, to make your Shanghai Longfeng goal, what things to do before, we need to have a clear goal, do Shanghai dragon is the same, you need to have a long-term goal in fact, some of the more important is the Shanghai dragon index are refined, respectively, set goals, and for the purpose of a deadline.

1, web site keywords

5, the website target user groups

web site, you must know your target users, the need for a detailed analysis, classification, see you this website target user is mainly what kind of people, for example if your station is electronic business class, the main users of your basic is to go shopping, you >

2, analysis of industry peers website

?Select the

3 and its websiteFor example,

no matter what the site needs a site location, and the location is very important, it contains, you should optimize what kind of words, including the target keywords and long tail keywords and target keywords which is your home is mainly to optimize the words long tail key words around the main keywords website the expansion of some relatively little competition, but the conversion rate of keywords is high, regardless of target keywords or long tail keywords, you need to analyze the industry you are engaged in, figuring out exactly what the user in the search word, it is best to do a keyword thesaurus.

content from the site, the chain of correlation, website internal adjustment, such as the use of H tags, the use of nofollow in short, and a competitor analysis site of the Shanghai dragon basically similar, when you are after analysis, you will see you where the gap with rivals the.

Analysis of

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