Free blog can still is the main force in the construction of the chain
on August 12, 2017

then training weights

I didn’t use mass tools, so that the weight of the blog will be relatively high, but later proved his idea was wrong. Weight height and mass blog has no direct relationship or not, if you mass content is unique, so you can cultivate a high weight blog. My hands about 15 blogs, because the update is not normal, so a lot of updates for a long time is not included, even if is the original, but the weight is very poor, so this will give us a good reminder, if the content of the original three months post, so there is little effect, so the free blog there is no shortcut to weight training, only one is sent to. Persist in a few months, the weight will be promoted.

blog not included? It is very slow? With anchor links to articles not included? These are not included in the new blog? We often encounter problems. Sometimes do so for a long time the external links in the blog, but when using the webmaster tools query, reverse link almost no increase. Not all we do is useless? So the first step to solve the problems included, while ensuring that included cannot be deleted, that start from three points, one is the acquisition of the article, but need to false original processing, after all, the more number of blogs, completely original is not realistic; the two is not early anxious, not with the anchor; three is to release some of the page may not immediately included, insist on the line.

We must first solve the problems included

then the number of problem solving

third is a number of problems, when the blog included, for their own website with external links, so in the end how to build a blog? My answer is at least 30 or more, but not more than 100. The reason is very simple, if the operation is too much, will be easy to judge the search engine, causing the drop right or cheating. General to update more than 30 blogs, and make reasonable external links, will get obvious effect on primary domain weight lifting. Of course, some Adsense uses 35 blogs can do, this blog is carefully raised, we are not sending the blog. The different nature of the two, an easy to manage, a slightly higher weight, each has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, the seven rainbow Links platform in >

for the webmaster, web site optimization is the most important to choose the appropriate keywords, and then do a lot of external links. Especially for external links, many owners have their own ideas and experience, including the use of blog for Shanghai dragon chain is still the first choice of webmasters, because almost no cost, also need not worry about speed, filing and other issues. But on the other hand, the weight of the blog is relatively low, do not have the advantage of independent Shanghai Longfeng site, so this is the problem. And today we summarize their views, share how to solve this problem, how to use blog external links, focus on weight and included two aspects.

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