Case a limitation of information in this article do not promote drainage in one thousand P
on August 12, 2017

from above, you can see the time is from February 6th to March 31st, the search term ear Day promotional materials from Shanghai in April 1098 love, of course when there is flow in, and in the search words are not the same, including some of the long tail word, bloggers estimate about 1500 or so, but why bloggers only marked two.

if you have love in Shanghai in search of love day promotional materials, you will find that it is the sixth row in the home page, click go to see the article, carefully you will find that this article is integrated, but why integration of articles can be ranked so well, I think you need to see more love Shanghai webmaster information.

February 6th is the update time, and ear day publicity materials a word in the title of the article and the article did not reflect, the keywords are not included in promotional materials, but the ear Day promotional materials in the contents of the article, then the word is in accordance with the Shanghai dragon optimization, the content matching, why can be so much flow to more than the title keywords, to use their brains to think of.



in the "Reflection: how to write a search engine and user needs the love", Huang Yiqiang how to write blog sharing method, a way to you, do not know whether this webmaster friends agree, whether to practice experience, and today bloggers with a case to proof, direct into the theme of "a limitation of information do not promote the drainage of one thousand IP, there are pictures and the truth, as follows.

2, the release time of

An article in 4, the idea of integrating

is the title of this article is aging information article, so this is the case with aging, love day is on March 3rd every year, bloggers this article published in February 6th, to the March 31st statistics, some people may feel that 1000IP is not much, but sometimes success can be replicated, depends on how you look at, this is only a the traffic, so how to write this article.

, refer to the "how to write a search engine and user needs the love"

refers to the nature of the information timeliness period of decision only with the value of the efficiency of decision largely restricts the objective effect of decision, of course, timeliness means that the hot index of this stage, popular point that is popular and more prosperous, more and more people search.


search engine not only love the original article, more love > original picture

to get the search engine ambiguous, in addition to the quality of the article, but also to grasp the release time, and blogger published website weight is low, must let the search engines crawl time indexed database, a comprehensive judgment on this dimension, March 3rd is the love day, bloggers in February 6th published an article, this is why

5, the

1, seize the timeliness of

The contents of

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