10 thousand yuan cost a grassroots nternet entrepreneurial confessionshop story 17 butterfly orchid
on August 28, 2017


, a "no three" Internet grassroots entrepreneurs, to vertical sites as the fulcrum, pry O2O practice road, and entrepreneurship at the beginning of only 10 thousand yuan, almost shut down the cost of the site.

shop address: derfriend.tmall

butterfly flagship store recruiting long-term cooperation Taobao customers, the maximum commission ratio of up to 70%

refers to vertical communities, which people always assume that vertical communities are a platform, especially for operators. From our actual experience, this knowledge is a little off the mark. I think the vertical community often plays the role of a fulcrum, the relationship between the site and the industry is a lever, and web operators are leveraged people. The industry has its own law of development, and the fulcrum placed in what position, the lever is long enough and strong enough, these three determine a vertical community can eventually achieve much success. The philosophy behind our theory of this fulcrum is that people tend to believe what they do. Objectively speaking, our team’s individual combat capability is not strong, especially in the negotiation ability is very weak, so we need to do a lot of things, so that customers and suppliers trust.

main business: Beauty skin care

Ya Qing: again, welcome to the morning sun! First, tell us about the difficulties when your shop was established. Can you share it with us?

butterfly orchid brand was founded in 2003, Hongkong butterfly orchid group company is a collection of cosmetics technology research and development, production, sales as one of the integrated group company. Provide technical support and formulation R & D for many cosmetics manufacturers at home and abroad. In China, butterfly orchid has nearly more than 1700 specialty stores, and has put forward the concept of "raw liquid" and "small molecular technology" earlier in the world. For the problem of skin to solve and improve, created a new field. Therefore, it is called "the father of dope"".

also had some hair health websites before and even did well. However, they are mostly content optimization plus product sales model, none of the forum model. These are my analysis came out, had to do the forum is as simple, do not need too much art thing, can also send some free content, the biggest advantage is that if there are some users to send content, I would be more convenient, only this. I did not expect this kind of product form coincides with the spirit of the Internet: openness, collaboration, sharing and sharing. Of course, only this is not enough, the friends of the net at the early stage of construction, I know something about the hair thing, and have some good characters, this is the unique content is the key. Now if you go >

butterfly flagship store: We reposition the product to upgrade to the network for the purpose of avoiding the competition on the line and offline. The price of the flagship store is basically consistent with the line.

Hello everyone, welcome to A5 Taobao guest section Taobao shop story, I am A5 Ya Qing, today for everyone to invite guests is the butterfly orchid flagship store dawn


Yaqing: ground brands Tmall to do online shopping, bigger advantage is on the ground in the market has accumulated a lot of customer resources, and high-quality products and strong capital chain as the support, but the biggest problem is that may affect the stores and shop price system is not consistent to bring, and how do you avoid this contradiction?

butterfly flagship store: our flagship store started operation in 2012 May, and butterfly has been advocating a safe haven. Butterfly line has undergone 9 years of development, in the electricity supplier industry preferred Tmall as our first stop, plans to enter the major business platform within three years.

many friends suggested that I write my history of Internet startups, and I also tried to write them several times, but when I finished writing, I became an entrepreneur and talked about the right stuff. But it’s not that I don’t want to write a wonderful, but a review of my entrepreneurial experience, is really no highlights, no slot points and no G-spot, such "three noes" of their entrepreneurial experience to be a cup of cold white boiling water. The pen to write, I think a brains after looks tall on the theme.

butterfly flagship store: at the beginning, the main difficulty is traffic problems, first of all, cosmetics brand stickiness is relatively high. Later, we found a differentiated product, in the through train this piece has made a breakthrough, and our annual advertising costs in the station about 10 million.

shop belongs to: Tmall store

Ya Qing: a lot of ground brands do online stores will encounter the problem of shortage of talent, you have the same problems,

, a snail’s crawl,

butterfly flagship store: twenty-first Century is the most important talent, electricity supplier industry is currently in a stage of rapid development, we >


Ya Qing: when did your shop begin to enter the Tmall? What was the original idea? How convenient is it for you to chat with us?

up to now, I made friends network really some accident, in 2005 decided to make a hair more healthy community, because I want to get a occupation in the Internet industry in Beijing of Beijing, a galaxy of talents, because there is no experience with a low degree, when thinking of making a case may some jobs are available. So, for me, the starting point of this cause is not a bit tall, unlike those lofty dreams of entrepreneurs to start with the grand plan, I never wanted to change the world, are not going to change the industry structure so as to create a new commercial civilization.

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